How To Keep Your Car Clean And Organized

In this rapid moving world, most of us prefer using cars as they are comfortable, convenient and reliable for us to go for a long distance. People always feel that their car does not have enough space, even for large minivans.

You may not have known but your car has a lot of space and it can be utilized in a proper manner. You can keep your car well organized and you will be able to feel that the space you have is more than enough to accommodate food, kids and everything that we wish to carry.

You will get to know the best facts that can help you keep your car clean and organized

1.It is advised to always carry all your car fluids along with you. In case of emergency, these fluids are helpful. You can keep a shower caddy in your trunk of the car and this can store all the fluids at one place.


2. Use cup cake wrappers made of silicon in the cup holders of the car so that you can easily clean them.


3. If the kids are joining the trip then all the toys and foods of the kids can be stored near them, we can use remote seat holder to store it.


4. Take a bag dispenser to carry all the plastic bags, spills happen at time to time in a car and the bag dispenser and the plastic bags are needed to store all the used paper napkins in it.

5. Is it a long ride? Enjoy your meals easily while travelling on the road by using plastic baskets. The baskets are simple and they are not expensive.


6. If the dog is also with you, protect your car by using a DIY seat cover.


7. If you are using your phone while driving then it can be a dangerous idea as you cannot distract yourself. However, if we are using the same phone to check the directions then it is important and you can use a simple rubber band technique so that you can keep it in your view.

8. The trunk has a lot of vertical space available and it can be utilized by using a trunk shelf. Just to be cautious, ensure that this does not block the view of your rear mirror.

9. If the air freshener is occupying your cup holder then you are wasting the space. You can buy a hanging air freshener.


10. The glove box needs to be organized and we can do it in simple ways. Find a mini finder or a file and keep all your important documents in it.

11. If you do not have enough cup holders and all of you are fond of having coffee, it is the risk that the coffee will spill over and it will make your car dirty. You can use simply avoid such situations by using muffin pans and laundry basket.

The ideas above are to ensure that your car looks the best and it is well organized. If things are well organized then the car will never look a mess.

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