Kenwood DPX500BT Reviews


Kenwood DPX500BT best car stereo brand

Kenwood DPX-500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver

Kenwood has introduced a wonderful sound system for vehicles based on latest technology and added with lot of entertainment features.

Kenwood DPX500BT car stereo is compatible with iphone, ipad and smartphone based on android applications.

Moreover, the device is also compatible with all types of wireless devices and storage devices providing the users with multiple options of having music collections for long journey.

All the features added in this latest Kenwood device are focused on the ease of user and allowing safe drive.

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2.Benefit of costumers when using Kenwood DPX500BT :

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The company has focused on the requirement of car stereo and to provide the full entertaining environment while on journey. This product includes the following benefits for the customers who install this device in their car.

  • User can operate the device with minimum interference while driving keeping the driver easy, thus making the journey safe.
  • Compatibility with various types of phones allows the users to add unlimited songs/tracks in their music list.
  • Connectivity with satellite radio keeps the user up to date with latest news while being on the way.
  • User enjoys the music with filtered unwanted sounds through the crossover system.
  • Kenwood DPX500BT stereo sound system with standard color matches perfectly with dashboard and looks graceful.
  • Multiple operating options including remote device and steering wheel input are user friendly.

3.Outstanding features of the product:

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With the following features and qualities, the product is one of the most popular and demanding products in the market and choice of the youngsters.

  • Built-in Bluetooth feature of this car stereo allows the user with hand free connectivity and operation of the device. User can connect any of the Bluetooth devices with Kenwood car stereo to play and control the music lists.
  • Built-in USB port of the car stereo provides the user to connect with unlimited resources of music lists. Now user can connect the device with ipad, iphone, blackberry and any other smartphone to get connected with the play store of the devices. The USB port also allows connecting any storage device having huge storage of music files.
  • This Kenwood device also provides access for controlling Pandora application of smartphone, iphone, blackberry and android connected through USB port; however, user need to have the application installed on his/her phone.
  • Bright contrast display of the Kenwood car stereo shows clear text information on 1.5 inch line screen. The bright line display is helpful for navigating and selecting the desired item easily.
  • Wireless remote device available with kenwood 500bt car stereo helps the user to control the music file with minimum disturbance.
  • The product has been installed with 6x 2.5v audio signal ports to amplify and maximize sonic performance. Built-in crossover system of the device helps you to filter out unwanted frequencies and provides you with amusing sonic.
  • Company has installed updateable software to maintain the performance of the device. User has the facility to get and update the device software through official website of Kenwood with the help of firmware feature.
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4.Pros and Cons of the product

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  • Compatible with multiple storage devices
  • Easy to connect via wireless connectivity
  • Output with crossover system
  • Hand free operation
  • Compatible with steering wheel remote input
  • Economical but reliable car stereo


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  • Few complaints regarding dimness of display have been reported.
  • Complaints regarding USB detection (USB not found) has been reported by few of the users


5.Operating instructions/precautions for this product :

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The following few points in bullet are focused on the operating instructions; however, detailed operating manual is available along with kenwood 500bt and recommended to read before installation of the device.

  • Always connect the Kenwood car stereo with recommended power supply port in the car.
  • Ensure the proper fitting of power connection to avoid short circuiting from connections.
  • For amplifier output, use recommended switch/pins to maintain the quality and sonic performance of the device.
  • To maintain the shiny and bright look, always operate the device with remote control device.
  • Keep the Kenwood stereo off while starting the vehicle engine.

6.Maintaining and cleaning instruction:

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Cleaning is very important to maintain the efficiency and to increase the life expectancy of the car stereo. The following few points will help you to maintain and clean this Kenwood device properly.

  • Keep the stereo device covered when cleaning/dusting the inner of the car.
  • To clean dust and dirt from the display screen, switch off the device and clean with tissue paper or soft piece of cloth.
  • Entry of dust in the interior of the car stereo can be minimized but cannot be avoided completely. So, regular cleaning of inner of the device is important which can be done with few days’ intervals depending upon the exposure to dust.
  • Use blower or vacuum to remove dust and humidity from the interior of the device. Never use swabs or brush to clean the interior of the car stereo as it can damage the internal parts.

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q) of the Kenwood DPX500BT

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Q: With which call phone this device can be connected?

Ans: All the mobile phones having Bluetooth and USB/Aux connectivity can be connected with kenwood 500bt double din in-dash car stereo receiver to play music.

Q: Few of my friends complain for quality of sound while connecting the device through Bluetooth. Does this issue exist with this device too?

Ans: No. The best quality amplification system of Kenwood car stereo gives best sonic performance even when connected through Bluetooth.

Q: Is this device included with steering wheel remote input?

Ans: No. This Kenwood car stereo does not include wheel steering remote input because of installation of aftermarket sound system. User can use commercially available wheel remote interface compatible with this device.

Q: How can I control Sirius XM satellite radio through this Kenwood device?

Ans: To control Sirius XM satellite radio through Kenwood car stereo, you need to buy Sirius XM tuner compatible with this device.



Compatibility with various phones via Bluetooth and USB/Aux port, the Kenwood DPX500BT allows unlimited options to store and to enjoy the music of choice; thus making the journey entertaining. Having a car stereo featured with compatibility with latest technology devices including iphone, smartphone and android is really a cheap deal.

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