Kenwood DPX501BT Reviews

Kenwood DPX501BT – The Hot Selling Car Stereo

Kenwood DPX501BT

Kenwood has introduced a new double din car stereo device for music lovers. Due to high demand of BT series audio devices, the company has introduced a latest model Kenwood dpx501bt with additional features of safety and sound.

Kenwood has eliminated all the issues raised by the customers against previous versions of double din stereos. New 2DIN stereo includes most of the built-in features for connectivity with wireless devices and improved sound quality.

Major Specifications Of Kenwood DPX501BT Car Stereo:

The followings are the major specifications of DPX501BT audio making this Kenwood sound device popular in the category of car stereos.

  • FM radio with 87.9MHz - 107.9MHz frequency range and stereo separation
  • AM radio with 530kHz - 1700kHz
  • CD drive based on laser diode and digital filter
  • FAT file system USB compliant with window media audio
  • Aux input with maximum 1000mv voltage
  • Amp with maximum power 50w x 4
  • 3 bands tune system includes bass, mid treble
  • Bluetooth version 3.0 with communication range up to 38.2 ft (maximum)
  • Operating voltage 14.4 V
  • Operating temperature range 0°C to +40°C

Benefit Of Customers When Using This Product:

The above-mentioned specs prove that DPX501BT sound system includes most of the benefits that must be available in a car stereo. You can realize the benefits of Kenwood DPX501 stereo after practical use. However, the following few points will helps you to get a basic idea that how this car stereo is valuable for the users.

  • Buttons are backlight look stylish and beautiful with color contrast and dimming effects. User can increase or decrease backlight according to medium of driving. For night driving, user needs to have minimum light in the dashboard that can be easily control when using this device.
  • The Kenwood DPX501BT allows the users to change or customize illumination and display colors according to their choice.
  • Front USB and Aux ports allows the user to connect iphone, smartphone and other mass storage devices providing the user with unlimited options to play variety of music. Moreover, the front panel USB port is easy to handle while driving.
  • Through supreme sound reconstruction, user can get variety of music modes from a single music file like shifting from loud music to compressed music.
  • While driving user can enjoy Pandora, iHeart and sirusXm Radio connecting the device with smart devices. User can explore various online music stores while using this Kenwood sound receiver.

Outstanding Features Of This Car Stereo:

All the features of this latest CD receiver focus on the benefits of users. The device has been manufactured to facilitate the driver for controlling the technology devices without any disturbance in smooth driving. The following bullets points include the exclusive features of DPX501BT car sound system.

  • Rotary encoder and direct key operation has made music search and mix preset memory function easy for users to search music files quickly.
  • Digital 12 hours clock looks prominent on display screen and allows easy time check while driving.
  • Manually controlled illumination is simple to dim and even switch off directly through control function button.
  • Three bands equalizer with level adjustment subwoofer gives variety of customized music.
  • USB port is supported with iphone, smartphone, and android through direct connect interface cable. Connecting these devices through USB interface cable allows the user to control various functions of these technology devices.
  • USB port also allows the user to connect removable storage devices like MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV Decoder; hence, user have unlimited options to connect with music sources via USB.
  • Tuner of this double din stereo includes siri XM ready and backup memory of tuner preset. Moreover, automatic memory entry features has also been included in tune function. Stereo/mono function for FM radio is also enabled in tuner setting of this Kenwood sound system.
  • CD-R/CD-RW Compatible drive is supported with manual folder search function while running music on the device. CD player is supported with multiple file systems and allows the user to play variety of music CDs through Kenwood dpx 501bt stereo system.
  • Easy-to-use receiver with simple Bluetooth solution. Bluetooth connectivity is supported by latest versions of smartphone, iphone and android for playing music and controlling apps.
  • Kenwood dpx501 has dual control system and can be operated manually and remotely. Remote devices include traditional remote control and watering wheel remote control.

Pros And Cons Of Kenwood DPX501BT CD Receiver:

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Non-availability of touch screen feature
  • Very dim display. Hardly viewable in sunlight

Reasons - Why Should You Buy This Product?

Nobody can make you to buy this product but only making a comparison of features and qualities with other brands having the same specifications. Reading customer comments and comparing with other brands, I have derived some reasons for buying this car stereo.

  • The device is very simple and easy to operate. All the functions can be controlled through wireless remote device and manually; thus, dual functionality allows more control on the device.
  • As compare to other devices, this Kenwood stereo is very cheap and easily affordable by common user.
  • Customers of various online stores seemed to be very satisfied by using this device.

Tips for Using For This Product:

Kenwood DPX501BT is very simple to install and easy to use; however following precautionary measures should be taken for installation and using this car audio.

  • Connect the device with connect power supply in your car. The recommended power input for this car audio is 4V.
  • While driving at night keep the display and back light dim to save night vision.
  • Use mass storage devices after scanning for virus to protect the audio software.
  • Using scratched CDs is dangerous for CD-R/CD-RW drive. So, always install best quality disks having no scratch or crack.

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

How can I play Pandora music through this device?

Is this Kenwood DPX501BT supported with microphone?


Kenwood dpx501bt CD receiver is a simple audio device but is highly reliable with fewer complications for operating and controlling the devices.

Moreover, this car audio is cheap and easily affordable as compare to the same products of other brands. If you want a cheap device with simple controls, Kenwood dpx 501bt CD receiver can be your best option.

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