KTVU Reporter Survived From a Severe Car Crash

Video: Car nearly crashes into KTVU reporter, everyone OK

It was the time of Morning when the KTVU reporter named Alex Savidge was live along with the cameraman Chip Vaughan. Alex was standing live from the Niles Canyon road which is located in Fremont; he was in the parking lot of Seven – Eleven on Mission Blvd. The news that Alex was trying to cover was about the derailment of a train in Alameda County.

The train was the ACE commuter and it plunged due to the mudslide that happened there and it blocked the part of the tracks. The reporter was trying to cover the story and car crashed and it travelled towards Alex and his cameraman.

The incident happened in a matter of seconds. The credit for saving the life of Alex goes to Chip, when Chip saw that the car was coming towards them, he shouted at Alex and he informed him to get away from there.

Due to the instant reaction of Chip, the reporter jumped to the right side and he was lucky enough as the car went through the other side of Alex. The car then hit a light stand near them and there were no major injuries occurred in the accident.

Fremont police department reached to the spot and they started the investigation of the incident. The reports stated that a white sedan car was trying to turn on the right side and unfortunately it came into the way of another car.

On coming across each other, both the vehicles crashed with each other. The police department believes that the woman who was driving the white sedan may have mistakenly pressed the Gas level instead of the Brake. Due to the Gas lever, the vehicle jumped over the sidewalk and it travelled towards Alex.

The police officers then took away the woman’s driving license. The accident and the crash of the cars are still under investigation, as stated by the office in charge. When the event took place, Alex was live so the whole chaos was recorded in the camera and the world was able to see how Alex survived the accident.

The first thing that Alex did after it was that he went and gave a hug to his partner. Chip stated that he saw the car coming towards his partner and he yelled at him, he is really thankful to god that Alex jumped on the correct side.

When Alex took the next live shot, he turned emotional and he stated that he is really grateful that he has not got any injuries. Alex also added that he wanted to inform his wife that he is alright as he did not have the time to call her.

As the reporter was live, the people in the newsroom were also concerned about both Alex and Chip. When these guys returned the newsroom, they were greeted with hugs by all the colleagues present.

Later, Alex came on twitter and he wrote about his feeling after the accident and he assured that he is alright now. Alex also thanked to each and everyone who were concerned about him.

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