Latest Styles Of LED Fog Light Bulbs On The Market

If you have ever been in a very thick fog, and you are driving your vehicle, you should know that you need to use your low beams. Most vehicles come equipped with both high beam and low beam lights, and each is going to use a different type of bulb. Your low beam lights are referred to as your fog lights. These are the ones that will allow you to see much more easily when driving conditions get worse. That is because of the way the light emanates from the bulb, creating a much more diffused and flat appearance. High beams, on the other hand, are going to shine directly out in front, and that is why you may have been momentarily blinded if someone does not put on their low beams. There are many different styles of LED fog light bulbs on the market today that you might want to consider using.

Where Are Fog Lights Positioned?

Unlike the typically higher position of regular halogen lights on vehicles, fog lights are going to be placed much lower. They also have a very wide beam, one that is angled toward the ground and not oncoming traffic. The low beam allows you to see much more clearly, and reduces the overall glare. It is their position, and the way that the light is dispersed, which makes fog lights so necessary on every vehicle. There are a few other differences between standard driving lights and fog lights that should be mentioned which relate to its position. First of all, they are going to use yellow bulbs, yellow lenses, or they may actually use both. The reason that yellow is used is because it has a much longer wavelength than white light or blue light. Therefore, the light should be able to work better in the fog. However, it is the position of the lights, and their angle, which makes them so beneficial when driving in foggy conditions.

How To Choose The Best Fog Lights

If you happen to have a vehicle that doesn't actually have fog lights, which is rare, you can have them installed. It's also something you could do for yourself using a kit which is relatively inexpensive. There are kits designed as a retrofitting solution, typically sent out from the factory from which the car was made. There are some circumstances where you may have to remove your bumper to install these, but in most cases, it's a very simple project. Hardware included with these kits will allow you to simply use the grille or bumper to your advantage. It is highly recommended that you obtain the lights that have glass instead of plastic lenses. It's not just going to look better, but they will also last longer, making this investment into what will become your low beams so much more meaningful. In regard to the lights themselves, you need to choose specific bulbs that will work best for your situation.

How To Choose Fog Light Bulbs

When you start to look at the many different fog light bulbs that are available, you might be overwhelmed by how many there are. As mentioned before, most of the bulbs that are installed from the factory are going to be yellow because of the wavelength of the light. However, that might not be the color that you would prefer. Of course, it is the narrow beam, and its angle, which makes them so helpful in foggy conditions. There are several things to consider before you purchase LED fog lights that can help you in making your decision. The first thing to consider is what is called color temperature. 

Essentially, the temperature of the LED light is represented by a color. The color brightness is technically called a lumen. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light is going to be. Second, you will want to consider what laws in your city may prohibit you from using fog lights that are not yellow. In some states, you can use either yellow or white. The yellow color may be designated as amber instead. In some states, colors like blue are simply prohibited. There is also the decision between LED lights and halogen lights. 

Although halogen bulbs will be brighter, they won't last as long. Light emitting diodes used in the LED lights from Diode Dynamics are designed to last. In fact, LEDs are much brighter than halogen bulbs, and are also easier on the eyes when you are having to see oncoming traffic. The final consideration to make is from which company you will purchase them. There are many businesses that offer these for sale. Companies such as Nilight, Auxbeam and many others are highly recommended because of the quality of the lights that they produce.

Latest Styles Of LED Fog Lights Available Today

If you are installing these into your car or truck, there are three LED fog light bulbs that you may want to consider. This would include the JDM Astar Extremely Bright DRL, Boltlink LED Fog Light Bulbs, and the Philips X-tremeVision LED Fog Light. Once you have looked at their prices, and customer comments if any, you can then make your decision. Also consider whether or not these particular bulbs will work with your particular vehicle. All these considerations need to be made before selecting one of the latest styles of LED fog lights that you can purchase at stores or online.

LED fog lights continue to be the most popular type of light used with your low beams. Although halogen bulbs have been used for decades, the cost difference, and the reliability of LEDs, has made them the top choice for most people. As long as there is no direct impact to the headlights of your vehicle, they are going to last for thousands of hours. Just make sure that the one that you choose will connect properly to the mechanism for your dimmer lights before you make your purchase. If all goes well, you will soon have brand-new LED fog lights providing you with great visibility if you ever have to drive in the fog.

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