Miraculous Bible Recovered Undamaged From The SUV Which Was Burnt in Flames

The miracle day or we can call it the day when the presence of god was felt by the people in Tennessee. A man and his bible were rescued from a car accident which took an SUV into the flames of fire. It was the day in Memphis, Tennessee, the man was driving through the highway and his SUV was swapped from the side by another vehicle.

Just in a matter of seconds the car started to roll down the hill, the driver had lost the control and the car was moving down. The car smashed into a pole and then it caught fire within seconds.

The driver was trapped in the car and he was not able to get out of the car. The driver made his efforts but all his efforts were in vain as he was not able to help himself to get out of the car. The fire flames increased and it was a huge fire.

The nearby passengers tried to help the driver to come out of the car but there were not able to rescue the driver. The driver was trapped and people tried to find the fire extinguisher to stop the flames. Unfortunately, there was no fire extinguisher available nearby and the people tried different ways to rescue the driver.

Four liters of water was poured on the driver, this was an attempt to keep the driver in moisture so that the driver is not gulped by the fire. The police arrived at the place where the incident took place and they brought the jack and broke the front window of the car. The police then took the seat belt off the driver and then the driver was rescued from the car and he was rushed to the nearest hospital for the normal checkup.

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The car was totally burning in fire and there was nothing left in the car. It was surprising when the police tried to find the leftovers in the car to make the report.

The car was totally burnt into flames and inside the car there was a bible sitting, the bible was untouched, undamaged and it was totally safe.

The incident soon took over the news and the social media as this was a rare situation and the people started believing that it was a miracle. A man and a bible were rescued from the fire which took in a locked car. The people who witnessed the incident were interviewed by reporters and the narrated the incident in different ways.

One of the witness stated “I saw god today at this place”. One of the witnesses wrote on twitter “It was a miracle today, the driver was rescued from the burning car, everything was destroyed by the fire but not the bible”. 

The incident has really made us believe that it was a miracle as the bible was at the front seat of the car and the car was totally burnt into flames. Surprisingly the bible survived and was rescued without a single damage and also without even being touched by the fire.

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