Motorized Bikes – A Good Introduction To Motorcycling For Children

For teenagers too young to legally ride a motorcycle, waiting for the opportunity can certainly be frustrating. However, although laws vary from state to state, and country to country, opportunities do exist for younger teenagers and children to ride powered bicycles. This might very well be the best chance they get to riding one legally, in public.

While it might not be the ideal answer they seek, it can be both a good introduction to riding, and an opportunity for parents to teach their children about the responsibilities associated with owning something more powerful than a standard bike.

Motorized Bikes – Where the Law Stands

Two options are available for those looking to take a step up from their regular bike: an electric bike (or e-bike) or an internal combustion engine (ICE) powered bike.

Electric bikes tend to include a battery, which can weight a few pounds, neatly merged with the bike’s design. They look like a typical bike and are the most environmentally friendly of the two. The battery can easily be removed and charged. This is great for people travelling to school, work, or who have somewhere to charge the battery regularly.

According to Federal Law, vehicles with two or three wheels; an electric motor under 750 watts (about 1 horsepower), and a top speed of 20 mph are classified as e-bikes.

ICE motorized bikes come with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. Under Federal Law, they are classed as off-road if they are less than five brake horsepower, and/or lack both a BIB (Vehicle Identification Number) and standard safety gear such as stop lamps, turn signals and mirrors. However, the final decision as to whether the vehicle is classified off-road or not is a matter decided by State laws.

Other Ways to Get Children Riding Motorcycles

Opportunities exist, worldwide, for children to jump on a motorcycle and ride. Back in 2010, the Motorcycle Industry Association launched a campaign called “Get On”. The idea was to encourage people of all ages to try motorcycling. Events were promoted as a family day out and proved very popular, and children as young as four can take part.

In the US, summer camps dedicated to motorcycling take place every year. One example is Iron Horse Country Ranch, where Children as young as 8 can take part. All motorcycling equipment is provided, and they can ride four motocross tracks and several trails.

Final Thoughts

If you want to introduce your children to the fascinating world of motorcycling, there are plenty of options available. Summer camps and family day events are a great thing to get involved in and will provide your kids with a great deal of experience.

For those with older teenagers who want to monitor their behaviour and teach them more about the responsibility of owning a motorcycle, a motorized electric or ICE powered bike is a cool option and can make the wait for a “proper” bike a little more bearable!

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