What You Need to Know Before Buying a Used Car?

You plan to buy a used car, but you are worried how to ensure that car is worth or not. In this article, we will provide essential points for you to check the vehicle’s state and the seriousness of the seller. Hence, you’ll be able to decide whether you should buy the car or not.


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The vehicle’s description should be as comprehensive as possible (brand, model, color, month and year of mileage.). Compare the price listed for trading opportunities and ensure that it includes a room for negotiation.

Beware of ads that have only a cell phone number: in case of trouble later, it will be difficult to contact the seller.

When you make a phone call, remember to test to make sure he/she is the owner of the vehicle and he/she answers your questions without hesitation (maintenance, bills, overall condition of the car, etc.)


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2. What to look at the reading of the announcement:

-> Description of the vehicle (brand, model, release year, km)

-> State estimated by the seller (first hand or not, point to review)

-> Purchase price (reflection of the market)

-> Telephone number (home, office, mobile)

-> Contact quality and appointment making


Check whether the car is described as the announcement states. Small scratches and minor impacts are not big problems, but if the body of the car is covered, the car has probably been mistreated.

If elements are corroded, it means that the outside layer or body of the vehicle was botched. When the technical inspection points out that rails are strongly attacked by rust, the repair is almost impossible.

Be sure to get in the car, check if you can operate the vehicle in safety and comfort way (lighting, wipers, windows, etc.).

More and more vehicles are equipped with high-end audio systems with an integrated CD player. Make sure the reading is correct, all speakers are working and the selection of CDs is done properly.

Remember to test listening radio stations and retrieval system (scanner). If the car is equipped with GPS, turn it on to see if the screen is in good condition and then perform a test on a navigation route.

Finally, take advantage of immobilization of the vehicle to take a look at the tires.


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4. Checklist for the body and audio system


-> Elements repainted

-> Corrosion


-> Furniture, carpets, plastic

-> Lighting

-> Power Windows

-> Central locking

-> Wipers and washer

-> The rear window

-> Power Seat

-> Power Mirrors


-> Wear and damage


-> Tone, operation of the CD player and HP

-> Radio Operations

-> Brightness and Screen bugs

-> Navigation Function (route)


While driving, be sure to accelerate rapidly and smoothly. If there is a turbo, the car needs to accelerate vigorously.

Vibrations, tinkling rattle and corrosion are signs of an exhaust end of life. Turning direction, there should be no noise or hard point.

Test the brakes on the open road. The car should not be deported; no vibration should be felt at the wheel

6. Checklist for driving:


-> Getting Started

-> Regularity idle speed

-> Acceleration

-> Turbo Triggering (if applicable)

-> A-strokes and loss of rpm


-> Noise, leaks, vibrations

-> Corrosion


-> Noise, leaks, hard points


-> Flexibility in urban parking maneuvers

-> Hardness proportional to the steady speed


-> Efficiency, offset, vibrations, squeaks

-> Anti-lock braking (ABS)

-> Brake.



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Test the engine running clutch. Skip the third, pull the hand brake and accelerate. The engine should stall. If this is not the case, the clutch disc is worn.

If the car is equipped with a flywheel you should not hear any suspicious noise at startup, idle or switching off the engine.

On a good condition gearbox, the reports should go without cracking, even during downshifts. If the box is sequential, try the “automatic” modes and “manual”.

Their selection should take place smoothly or jolting. The air conditioning must deliver a cold and dry air at 3 to 4 minutes more.

8. Other items to check at the wheel:


-> Start Test

-> Dual Mass Flywheel (on diesel)

TRANSMISSION (mechanical)

-> Shifting up and reverse, downshifts

TRANSMISSION (sequential)

-> Shifting up / downshift in manual and auto mode.


-> Startup and rapid set temperature (3 minutes)

-> Automatic dual-zone air conditioning (right / left)

-> Respect the requested temperature


-> Memorizing speed

-> Auto Disconnect


You’ve found the car of your dreams? In order to have smooth transaction, make sure that the documents you deliver the vendor are complete and up-to-date.

The gray card in his name should be crossed out with “Sold on. at. “, and the certificate of transfer is completed and signed. Remember the status certificate, which tells you if the car is pledged and / or if it is the subject of unpaid fines.

For an opportunity to more than four years, the seller must provide you with a report of technical control less than six months.

Finally, consider demand bills and maintenance book.


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Checklist for level administrative documents and formalities:

-> Maintenance update Book

-> Invoices

-> Car registration

-> Vendor ID (identity card, driving license).

-> Certificate of status (not guarantee)

-> Certificate of transfer

-> Technical Inspection (under six months)

In general, you have gone through 50 points to ensure whether the used car you intend to buy is worth or not. If that car passes almost above points, you can buy without risk.

If not, you had better ask the advice of a friend or a specialist or go your way and continue your research. Hope that above information is helpful for your purchase.

If you have any other points to suggest, do not hesitate to share with us in the comment box below. Wish you a nice used car.

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