How To Remove Your Car Stereo?

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Car stereos are an essential piece in every car. However, you might not be satisfied with your factory built-in system, or simply feel that the one you purchased and installed a few years ago just isn’t enough for you anymore.


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Technology advances so quickly and many new car stereos with advanced features appear on the market, and you might feel compelled to get one of them.

But before you install a new car stereo unit, you first need to remove the old one. Take the following guidelines into consideration if you wish to easily remove your old car stereo unit.

What Tools Are Needed

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It doesn’t take an entire toolbox arsenal to remove a car stereo. All you need is a basic car stereo removal tool – car radio removal keys.

These are extremely convenient because they are universal and can be used to remove most car stereo systems. There can be adjusted for different shapes and sizes.

The other tools you need are the ones you probably already have – wrench, pliers and a screwdriver.

Making Necessary Preparations

Before you start disassembling the necessary pieces of the dashboard in order to get to the car stereo unit, you need to make sure your car battery is disconnected.

This is an absolute must. Ensure that the negative end of the car battery is disconnected before proceeding any further.

If you do not do that you greatly increase the risk of short-circuiting the cars entire electrical system, which can further lead to you getting shocked.

While disconnecting the positive end is not essential, it is still recommended that you do that as well.

Removing The Existing Car Stereo

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Now that your battery has been disconnected, you can proceed to the next piece of the puzzle. Most of the newer car stereo systems have detachable front pieces.

If you already own such a head unit, remove the front piece in order to get to the central piece. Some car stereos can simply be removed by puling without employing any tools whatsoever.

Try to gently pull and pry the unit free that way, possibly using a screwdriver to help you free it completely.

If it is not as simple as pulling the car stereo out, you need to employ the cavalry – the removal keys. Right below the bezel there should be special slots where the removal keys are supposed to go.

Push them inside, and don’t be afraid to apply a bit of force. You should be able to feel a click inside the car stereo which will suggest that the clips holding the stereo firmly in position have been released.

Those clips are the only thing keeping the unit into place, and once you have disengaged them, you can simply pull the stereo out. If there is still some sort of resistance use the screwdriver gently to free the path.

It should be noted that if you are planning to replace a single din unit with a double din unit, you also need to remove a bit more than just the old stereo.

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Disconnecting All The Wires

There is one last step in order to complete this particular task successfully. After you have pulled the old car stereo out, you need to disconnect all the wires connected to it.

In order to avoid damaging the wires, pull the unit gently and do not apply too much force. Once you get to the wires, disconnect them one by one, releasing the car stereo completely.

Having done all of that, you should be able to remove the unit from the car, and make the necessary preparations for installing the new car stereo unit.

Once you have completed the installation process of the new car stereo, don’t forget to reconnect the positive and negative ends of the car battery.

In case you don’t have any tools which can help you remove a car stereo, you should first run to the locals store and get everything you need. If you are not in a rush, you can also order some tools online.

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