Pioneer AVH-X2600BT Reviews


Pioneer AVH-X2600BT 2-DIN

Pioneer AVH-X2600BT 2-DIN

Pioneer is a symbol of qualitative sound and has been inventing exclusive sound system devices for many years. Pioneer AVH-X2600BT is also the continuation of inventions in the filed of sound systems.

With the advancement of technology, pioneer has added latest technology features in this device keeping in view the handling limitations of users while driving.

This article projects the qualities and features of Pioneer avh 2600bt and its benefits for the customers.

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2.Benefit of customers when using Pioneer AVH-X2600BT:

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Pioneer x2600dvd is the quality product and contains lot of benefits for customers having this car stereo fitted in the vehicle. The followings are few of the benefits for customers having this product; nonetheless, you can feel the real enjoyment while having this car stereo fitted in your vehicle dashboard.

  • Pioneer AVH-X2600BT car stereo is the best source to uncover unlimited sources of music and other sonic files. Now the user is able to get connected with the world through this device.
  • Pioneer avh 2600bt also provides the driver with entertaining music eliminating the unwanted noise usually noticed with various car stereos.
  • Usually, user gets bore of listening music due to bad sound quality and he cannot enjoy the drive. Pioneer 2600 bt provides the user with multiple options to customize the sound, friendly for his/her ears and mind.
  •  Pioneer avh 2600bt has minimized the limitations usually exercised while searching or changing music file. All the operations of this product have been made easy and handy for the drivers.
  • Getting information while being on the road has been made easy through this device. Now you can get connected with google and many other online platforms to get your required information. So, your Pioneer avh 2600bt keeps you current with the up dates of your area of concern.
  • Although, the product has been included with multiple systems/functions to connect with latest technology mobile phones, smartphone , blackberry and android devices; but still the operation is simple.

3.Outstanding features of Pioneer X2600BT.

– Pioneer avh-x2600dvd receiver is a wonderful addition in the car stereo versions for the users who feel the quality of sound and know how to distinguish between a usual and a high performance audio device. The following few points includes the useful information about the features and qualities of avh 2600-bt car stereo for car dvd lovers.

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  • Pioneer 2600bt stereo system is touch screen based product for handy and easy operating device. 6.1 inches WVGA touch screen display allows the user to select and play music files through this input source.
  • Touch screen display also shows the status of music and other information about the file usually required for a car stereo.
  • Advanced and latest technology built-in four amplifier (MOSFET 50W each).
  • This pioneer device is spurted with siri-eye application to connect with iphone (iphone 4s and later models).
  • Pioneer 2600bt has direct access to iphone, ipod and android devices music stores and also can control the music store of these devices.
  • Being compatible with Bluetooth, this car stereo can access all the devices having this wireless accessibility. Moreover, the storage devices can be connected through USB/SD ports and operates through touch screen display.
  • Mirrorlink ready supported with CD-ML100 however it is sold separately.
  • Mixtrax feature of this device innovatively creates a nonstop list of music files and runs the music with DJ inspired effects. This feature enhances the DJ effects and remixes the music files for automatic play.
  • The device directly controls the AppRadio application of iphone through its display screen. To run this app, user needs to buy an interface cable only which is easily available in the market. After connecting the device through this cable, user can control his/her contacts, calendar and maps etc through Pioneer display screen.
  • Pioneer 2600dvd also operates Pandora application of your mobile phone having available with this application. What is available at your personalized radio is now displaying on your dashboard. Just operate through 2600bt car stereo of Pioneer.
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4.Pros and Cons of Pioneer X2600BT :

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  • Large screen (6.1 inches) with touch screen
  • Display and control of iphone, ipod , smartphone and android
  • Compatibility with Pandora and Apps Radio
  • Double DIN chassis
  • USB/SD card access
  • Wireless connectivity with input devices
  • Sound retriever with advanced technology
  • Input for rear view camera through touch screen


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  • Audible hum in 3000 to 7000hz range through speaker at volume 10 and higher has been noticed
  • Functional issues with rear camera and Bluetooth

Youtube Installing a Pioneer AVH-X2600BT from Abraham cc

5.Using instruction

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– Detailed operating instructions are given in pioneer avh x2600bt manual available in the package. The following few points about using instructions are actually precautions for handling this electronic product.

  • The Pioneer car stereo 2600bt DVD operates with 6volt power supply only. Before connecting in your vehicle, make sure that correct voltage are being supplied.
  • Some users complain for audible hum on high volume which is basically due to low quality speakers connected for audio output. For better sonic performance always select best quality powerful speakers.
  • As you know that this product is compatible with multiple storage devices through cable connections like Apps Radio, Mirrorlink and add-on navigation system etc. For every device select best quality cables recommended cable for the safety of cable connections and best results.

6.Maintaining and cleaning instruction:

– Proper maintenance and cleaning secure the performance and shiny look of the device. So, it is recommended to keep the car stereo clean even when not in use for longer duration.

  • For cleaning the front of the device, switch it off to avoid the disturbance of functions at touch screen. After that clean the screen and other parts with soft piece of cloth or tissue papers.
  • Cleaning of interior with short intervals prevent rusting of steel parts and humidity in the circuits. Rubbing the internal parts with brush to clean dust/dirt can damage the electronic circuits.
  • Pioneer x2600bt wiring diagram is available with every instruction manual which is helpful for connecting the device. This diagram is also helpful for customization and repair work. Keep this diagram safe and for future use whenever it may required.

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q) of  Pioneer AVH-X2600BT

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Q:  How can I operate Apps radio through this device?

Ans:    You need a VGA interface cable and iphone updated with Apps radio.

Q:  Which type of volume control is installed in this device?

Ans:    Pioneer 2600bt avh has been installed with push button volume control system.



Wider touch screen, wireless connectivity, on screen display and control of files are the key features of Pioneer AVH-X2600BT which are rarely available in a single device.

The comparison of pros vs cons proves that the product is less problematic. Additionally, unlimited options for automatic play list creations through advanced technology devices are what you need to have on your dashboard.

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