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best in dash navigation - Pioneer avh-x5700bhs

Pioneer is well known audio company for manufacturing quality sound devices for various categories of music lovers. Thinking about music what first comes in the mind is Pioneer who has invented a large number of sound systems including car audios, club sound systems and much more.

Pioneer avh-x5700bhs is one of the latest vehicle stereos especially designed for car dashboard. The device includes all possible feature and qualities of the car audio which you want to have in your car.

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2. Important Specifications for this product:

  • 7 inches touch screen with WVGA 800×480 resolution
  • LED backlight with motorized display
  • Color customization (5 display colors and 112 key colors)
  • Display customization with 13 background splash screen
  • Built-in Bluetooth hand free profile (HFP 1.6)
  • Multi digital media playback
  • Dual camera supported

3. Benefit of customers when using Pioneer avh-x5700bhs:

  • More reliable than any audio device regarding wireless connectivity provide uninterrupted and best quality sound inside the car. Now, user can easily connect any Bluetooth device to access music stores.
  • Through Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy hand free incoming and outgoing calls. Hand free calling through this device is clearer with better reception quality just like talking in the same room.
  • User can control various applications of smartphone, iphone and androids when connected through Bluetooth. The control of technology devices through Pioneer avh-x5700bhs car stereo makes the driving easy because user does not need to interact with the device directly. Just operate and converse through wireless input and output controls of this device.
  • Pioneer x5700bhs is one of the very few car stereos supported by video; thus, allowing the user to watch videos by attaching a video output device. To kill the boring time, user can attach the car stereo with video output device for enjoying videos.
  • User can access unlimited online music stores of technology devices connecting through Bluetooth or USB interface cable. Now you can enjoy Pandora music and SiriusXM through this double din car audio.
  • This 2DIN device is helpful for easy parking of car due to dual camera. Apart from back camera, the additional camera can be fixed at any location for reversing or parking the vehicle.

4. Outstanding features of this product:

Pioneer avh-x5700bhs

Pioneer AVHX5700BHS Double-DIN DVD Receiver with 7-Inch Motorized Display

  • Easy and smooth content browsing of the devices attached through Bluetooth is the basic feature of this 2DIN head unit. It allows the user to access various applications and music stores of the technology devices like smartphone, android and iphone.
  • 7 inches larger size touch screen of Pioneer x5700bhs car stereo with bright color LCD shows all the controls and functions clearly. Clear visibility of controls and options on the larger screen are easy to monitor which keeps the driver comfortable while controlling the devices and changing the music albums.
  • Larger display 800x 480 resolution with touch screen input also includes color customization features for day/night driving. Brightness control, dimmer setting and illumination timer allows multiple options to customize the dashboard environment according to choice.
  • The device is also supported with multiple internet radios like siriusXM, AppsRadio, Pandora and Mirrorlink and many other apps enabled on the technology devices.
  • Connectivity with the devices via USB interface cable allows more controls on the smart devices for using applications and calls. USB port connectivity also supports various types of external storage devices to add music files.
  • Like other Pioneer devices, AVH-X5700BHS is also featured with mixtrax technology to deliver DJ inspire effects of music. Therefore, you have a bright illuminated club like environment on the road in the form oh mixtrax.
  • AVIC-U260 add-on for up-gradation of navigation system is the unique feature of this double din head unit. It helps you to reach your destination by setting the address by the touch-button navigation mode.
  • Multilanguage display and control including English, Chinese and many other major languages are one of the built-in features of this device that allows the users to select accordingly.

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5. Advantages and disadvantages of this product

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  • Larger size touch screen
  • Mixtrax technology
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Multiple file format supported for digital media playback
  • Multi language display
  • Control on call and apps of smartphone, android and iphone
  • Wireless input via remote control and steering wheel interface control
  • Built-in amplifier
  • 13-band graphic equalizer
  • Built-in HD radio


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  • Few complaints regarding connectivity with iphone6 via Bluetooth have been reported.

6. Reasons – Why Should You Buy This Product?

After reading the specifications, benefits, key features and pros vs cons, you can easily assess the quality and reliability of this car stereo. Here are some reasons to prefer this audio device on other double din devices of the same category.

  • The touch system screen of this device is larger than other products of the same category because most of the 2DIN devices are manufactured with 6.2 inches screen
  • The device is compatible with latest technology smartphone, android and iphone.
  • The only con regarding connectivity with iphone6 is negligible because majority of users have no complaint.
  • Allows additional controls through wireless input

7. Tips for using Pioneer x5700bhs car stereo:

The Pioneer x5700bhs is latest technology based car audio that is not only used for listening music but also controls the devices connected with this device. It is recommended to read the user guide thoroughly to know how to handle various controls. The following few points will help you to know the basics for using this car audio.

  • Before connecting the device in your car dashboard, you must ensure that you have selected the recommenced power supply for the device.
  • Many users complain regarding connectivity issues for various applications of smart devices. It has been noticed by reading the customers comments, that they cannot activate the applications correctly. So, make sure that application is installed and activated on your cell phone before connecting with the device.
  • Stereo/mono option only works when using best quality audio outputs having stereo quality. So, never expect stereo from ordinary and low quality mono speakers.

8. Conclusion:

Larger touch system screen, key features, benefits and pros vs cons of Pioneer avh-x5700bhs prove that the product is multidimensional audio device for vehicle. The car stereo does not only provide you with best quality of music but also helps you to drive safely by attending phone call through hand free profile.

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