Pioneer AVH270BT Reviews


Pioneer always wins in the competition of manufacturing quality sound devices. Being current with the latest trends and customers demand, the company always introduces every version and model of sound devices as per demands.

Pioneer avh270bt double din car DVD is one of the latest products equipped with all possible features of entertainment and safe driving. This best double din car stereo reviews will focus on this particular car DVD highlighting its over all aspects and performance.

Pioneer AVH270BT Double DIN


  • 6.2" inches touch screen with 800x480 resolution
  • LED backlight with three color display
  • HFP 1.6 Bluetooth with AVRCP 1.4
  • FM/AM Radio preset
  • Digital media playback supported with multiple file formats
  • 5-Band equalizer and built-in amplifier (MOSFET 50W x 4)
  • Rear USB and Aux ports
  • Multilanguage display options

Best Features Of Pioneer AVH270BT Double DIN

AVH 270bt is supported with android and IOS. User can connect the smartphone, iphone and androids for hand free communication.

  • This best bluetooth for car connectivity with external devices allows the user to operate application through touch screen of this double din device.
  • The device is supported with GPS to navigate the desired destination through 6.2” display of in dash double din device.
  • The device provides uninterrupted music streaming with easy access to favorite albums. Audio streaming has also made it easy to search music files with artist names or albums.
  • Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, user can connect the smartphone and iphone via USB interface cable. User can access more applications of the cell phone when connected via USB port.
  • Connected either with Bluetooth or with USB, user can operate the application directly through touch screen.
  • Large screen and high-resolution display provides crystal clear view of apps and tabs.
  • The best double din head unit with bluetooth of this digital media device can easily be updated from internet.
  • 5-band equalizer of AVH270bt provides variety of music with best quality lyrics. User can customize the audio output according to his/her choice.

Best Benefit For Customers Having This Double DIN Device

  • Hands free profile allows the user to attend phone calls without any disturbance in driving. Moreover, user can make phone calls when connected through Bluetooth with cell phones. Consequently, this best hands free bluetooth helps the user to drive safely.
  • User can get clear view on the large display screen when using navigation system. Once you have set the desired destination, you can continue driving looking the map on the screen.
  • The Pioneer device has made easy to search music albums songs through audio streaming. Now you can enjoy nonstop music through this double din car stereo.
  • Built-in powerful amplifier provides quality audio performance. Now you do not need to attach additional amplifying device as output device.
  • USB and Aux ports allow access to various applications of smartphone and iphone. You can enjoy Pandora music and many other internet radio applications when connected through USB interface cable. You can also enjoy selected songs from external storage devices when connected through USB, Aux or DVD/CD player.
  • Wireless input in the form of remote device allows you to control various functions of this best bluetooth car stereo.

Who Need This Double DIN Device The Most?

Pioneer avh270bt is the best choice for the customers who buy double din device for safe driving. Uninterrupted communication in the form of hand free calling keeps the user in touch with the people while traveling.

  • Customers who want enjoying musical drive need this double din stereo. MOSFET 50W x 4 speaker output provide best quality music creating a theater like environment in the car. Users searching for excellent quality of sound really need this car audio installed in their car-dash.
  • Many people install double din devices to use as in dash navigation for clear view of maps on dashboard. In dash navigation is helpful to drive safely because driver does not need to look on the GPS device to get information about the destination. Having AVH270bt in car dashboard allows them to show maps of smart devices on display screen. The users who want clear and comfortable view of maps also need this double din device.
  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Large screen with crystal clear display
  • Supported with multiple music files
  • USB and Aux ports
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 5-band equalizer
  • Wideband speech Hand free profile
  • Double din device in affordable price

Step By Step Installation Guide For This Unit

Installation of AVH270bt double din car stereo is very simple. The subsequent few steps will helps you to install the car audio safely and perfectly

  • Before fixing the device in car dash, make sure that the dashboard is compatible with this in dash stereo. If the dashboard is not designed for this device, make some modification.
  • The device is manufactured for 6-volt power supply. Before connecting with power source, make sure that you have selected the same power plug.
  • After placing the audio in dashboard, fix it properly with suitable tool to prevent vibration.
  • All the plugs and wire joints must be fixed properly to avoid sparking and fluctuation.


Specification features and benefits prove that Pioneer AVH270bt covers the requirements of multiple users. Furthermore, the customer rating proved that product is reliable and function perfectly.

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