The Pros and Cons of Lifting Your Jeep

Your Jeep is already a head-turning vehicle. Once you add lift kits, expect people to stare and little kids to point out your "monster truck" to their parents. Like every Jeep modification, there are advantages and disadvantages to lifting your Jeep. Consider the following points before making the decision for a sky-high off-road vehicle.


Lifting your Jeep is some serious candy for your ride. If you're into modifying your machine, chances are you've been wanting a lift kit for a while. These are some of the main benefits of a bigger Jeep.

Looks: A lifted Jeep has a unique visual appeal. For some owners, this is the entire reason to get the boost.

Ground clearance:There are some trails you just can't cover with stock clearance. If you need more space, you need a lift.

Bigger tire fitment: Even if Method racing wheels aren't your thing, rockcrawling and similar activities require bigger tires.


For most folks, the minuses don't outweigh the pluses of buying a lift kit. You should, however, be aware of the potential issues that lifting your Jeep may bring.

Cost: Lift kits aren't that expensive, but not lifting your Jeep is free. Still, if you bought a Jeep you're probably not afraid of spending money.

Handling: You'll need to get used to the change in steering geometry and the increased center of gravity.

Higher chance of rolling: The taller your Jeep, the higher your center of gravity becomes. This increases your chances of rolling onto your Jeep soft top and calling for help upside down.

Ready To Take the Plunge?

If you're reading pro-con articles about lifting your Jeep, chances are you've already made the decision to do it. This is the king of modifications, so take your time finding the right parts for your machine. If you're looking for lift kits, longer brake lines, or tonneau covers, head to their website learn more about them.

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