How to Protect Your Car from Thieves

A lot of us don’t care about getting automobile theft prevention until it is too late. In the US, a car gets stolen every minute and only half of them were recovered. If you don’t want a criminal sitting inside your car, you must train yourself on how you can protect your car from being stolen.

Based from experienced police officers, below is your guide to car theft prevention:

Always Know Where Your Keys Are


If your car went missing, the first question authorities will ask you is if you have all the keys with you. A lot of people are still hiding spare keys under the wheel case or somewhere under the vehicle. This is a huge mistake. Just like hiding your house’s spare key under your welcome mat, criminals are already aware of this trick. Getting locked out of your own car is annoying but it will be much more of a hassle if your car gets stolen. If ever you have given a spare key to a family or friend, ask them to give them back immediately once they no longer need it.

Park Somewhere Safe

Parking in a bright area at night will help deter thieves but parking near establishments and lots that has surveillance cameras or security personnel adds extra protection. Parking lots are usually regarded as a secure place to leave your car but parking in a secluded area will jeopardize your personal safety as well. If you use a public parking lot, park near the security post or a CCTV camera as possible.


Lock Windows and Doors

Every time you park your car, wherever it is even if it is your own garage, secure it by closing and locking all doors and windows. This is a basic method but all of us tend to become careless. This makes the first minutes of entering your car a bit uneasy especially in the severe weather of summer but resist the urge of leaving your windows down to avoid your car from being stolen.


Never Leave Valuables In Your Vehicle

One common mistake of car theft victims is leaving bags and expensive items inside their cars. Leaving gadgets at the back of your car is like tempting a baby with candy. Just a few coins inside your car is enough reason for criminals to break your window. Once your window is smashed, the culprit might choose to steal your car. If you really need to leave your things, put them in the trunk of your car but also beware as the criminal might be watching from afar. Avoid car theft by thinking in advance and leave prized possessions back at home.

Avail Anti-Theft Devices

Most insurance companies provide large discounts on automobiles that have an anti-theft devices like those in the new Toyota lineup. This is because these little gadgets provide a huge guarantee that your car is safe from being stolen. Criminals are usually looking for easy targets, a car they can quickly open without catching the attention of people nearby. An example of an anti-theft device is the automobile immobilizer system which restricts the thief from hot wiring your vehicle. Having one of these gadgets will save you thousands of money on your car’s insurance and spare you the hassle of having your car stolen.

Never Leave Your Car Running

Almost half of auto theft reports could have been prevented if the owner was responsible enough in turning the car off when they are not using it. Leaving your vehicle running and unattended only invites thieves and can get you jailed because it is illegal in most states in the US.

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