How to Protect and Restore Your Car’s Paint

If, despite all the care to wash your car, the weight of years cannot be hidden, a new paint is needed… So we will initially consider going through a step called of “renovation” of the paint and plastics as proposed by many commercial products. So we tested consumer products of different aged vehicles…

EASY How to get the color back on a FADED, SUN DAMAGED paint job. SAVE YOUR $ AND DIY


VLEs’ owners dark and especially black cars, know how difficult it is to maintain the appearance of cleanliness with this color … Before polishing operation, it is therefore necessary to clean all tasks (insects, tar, etc.) before application of products.

We can start with a scrub at high pressure washing, and in this case, and only in this case, to best prepare for an old painting and deep cleaning, we can use dishwashing liquid to highly detergent properties and degreasing, including the plastic parts.



On our 205 GTI, the black plastic headbands typical 80s have the annoying tendency to discolor with time, under the action of sun and rain. To remedy the faded plastic, there are some more or less sustainable solutions to re-feed plastic appearance.

Instead of Plastic Restorer Ultimate Meguiars we use a product well known to sailors: the POLYTROL of Owatrol, a patented treatment of materials by OwachemCompany that aims to re-feed. Used especially for renovating fiber boat hulls, this product is extremely effective on old bands of 205!

Providing the same effect as water on plastics, very liquid product is applied with brush and infiltrates the plastic in which soaks up possible and returns to its original appearance without gloss effect as with oily products for plastics. Then, simply mop and wipe off the excess and let dry 24 hours.

Now you are quiet for a period of at least one year! The alternative before we get to the extreme – repainted in matt black headbands – is waxing, but the black depths of polish away from the original appearance as POLYTROL almost manages to give back.



There are different types of polish, but their goal is similar: a thin abrasion layer of varnish is removed to smooth the paint and “decontaminate” everything that could be embedded in it.

Generally, the polish can remove a task or thin stripes, for which we may also prefer a scratch-erase whose action is also abrasive.

On the sidelines, Meguiar’s provides the “Scratch X 2.0”, a Polish Renovator less aggressive paste to be applied with a special microfiber pad.

Scheduled for quick repairs of small localized or renovate a complete paint even on existing varnish, more sensitive, this product yet shows limited effectiveness in eliminating “swirls” on Black Metallic Z3, especially visible in the sun.

For surfaces to be most important, you can use the Restorer Ultimate Bottle. On the 205, the first effect of this product and to give some depth to the black color, but without either side stripes miracle.



To give back new body looking to a used, particularly with non-metalized paint, nothing beats a polish. Treat the body with small areas of a turning movement with a cotton cloth where a special machine. So we used the Polish Meguiars Ultimate (ref. G19216), which is a polishing despite its name.

This is the second stage of a renovation program in 3 stages (polish, polish, wax) that meets the majority of cases. This is, admittedly, ideal for those who have a painting that has not been maintained as well as it should have been.

This polish that conditions and nourishes the paint, creates incredible shine, and gives a deep color with a wet look more pleasant. Is applied to one item at a time, then wipe with a microfiber cloth before the product is completely dry.

Even on a painting in fairly good condition in appearance, the result is spectacular! The Z3, it has significantly mitigated the majority of micro-scratches, while the 205 was completely recovered the depth of the original black.

Without putting the nose on it, hard to imagine that this painting is going on its 17 years, except on the roof where the varnish is backed by the sun through the sunroof.



Having exhausted much of our forces in the battle, this is nevertheless an important step not to be overlooked in order to preserve the work. Protecting wax is a very important step.

In addition to its unparalleled brilliant effect, the protective wax polish will consolidate and protect the body while facilitating washing. We tested the Ultimate Wax Meguiars which with its Synthesis of Polymer-based technology creates a more robust merger with paint, and so provides better protection. The wax also reduces the micro scratches and swirls.

Fat enough, the product does not yet give the desired effect at the beginning. The fear of nullifying our efforts is the same feeling as the traces of wax are visible everywhere and struggling to get away. Even the water drops are no longer able to settle in the dark!

Full implementation of the body is not justified with every wash; it will be in effect between 2 washes using a simple spray waxing such as Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax Wax polishing spray 450 ml.

Then appreciate the way be removed without forcing any dust spots, resin and insects in subsequent washes, as well as gloss paint found. Beautiful as the first day, the 205 dazzles with its depth of black, while the Z3 appears to share a beautiful shine well worth putting its forms!

PRODUCTS Meguiar’s


Celebrating its 110th anniversary in 2011, Meguiar’s American company has become a leader in the field of car care products. These consumer products are positioned rather upscale, but their quality recognized by many fans and even by professionals tends to justify this position.


Of course, the effect is short lived and will need to be renewed regularly to not return to the initial stage in a few months, but the result is there, and the twinkle in the eyes of the owners who are rediscovering their cars says long.

For more demanding, it is always possible to appeal to a recognized professional with more efficient products and materials, but beware, the budget is not really comparable!

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