Ratchet Straps: Meaning and User Guide

When cargo is to be transported from one place to another on a flatbed trailer or a truck then the most important factor to consider is its safety. Because the cargo can be of any shape, size, or weight. If the cargo is not tied down to the flatbed trailer properly then it causes many dangerous situations. If the load is not secured properly then it can fall off from the flatbed truck or trailer and can be dangerous for other vehicles on the road. Hence, the safety of the cargo is the most important factor that has to be considered before transporting any load.

The most common and effective way of securing the load on a flatbed trailer and truck is ratchet straps. They are very strong and durable and are mostly used by everyone. It provides strength and can be used for any type of loads; also it can prevent truck accidents and keep the load safe. Shifting of the load is very common when any load is being carried and ratchet straps can help you in avoiding such scenarios.

Meaning of Ratchet Straps;

Ratchet straps are versatile and can be easily adapt to any situation because you can easily adjust the tightness depending upon the load. They are made up of polyester webbing. You can secure ratchet straps to any anchor point on the flatbed trailer.

Steps to Use Ratchet Straps:

Now, we know the features of ratchet straps and why they are the perfect choice for securing any kind of load with ease. Here are the steps regarding how you can use a ratchet strap.

1) Release the Ratchet: 

The first step is to release and open the ratchet. For that, you need to press the release catch and lift the ratchet. This will open the ratchet and you can now easily insert the free end of the strap into the open slot.

2) Feed Webbing through the Bottom of the Ratchet: 

Now we have to take the free end of the ratchet strap and insert it in the slot that is on the bottom of the ratchet. After the webbing enters the slot, you can hold it and pull it in order to make the work easier and quicker.

3) Hook Ends on to be Tied-down: 

The hooks that are on the ends of the ratchet straps must be fixed or connected to the anchor points that are on the flatbed trailer or truck. These hooks are responsible for the strength and grip to the load. The load is completely fixed and tied down with the help of these hooks so that during the journey the load does not shift or causes any dangerous incident and remains safe. You can use these straps for car camping road trip as well.

4) Crack the Ratchet and Lock Safely: 

After you attach the hooks to the flatbed trailer you have to take care of the slack and remove it. Because if the slack is not removed then the straps will be loose and it can be very dangerous for the load. So to remove the slack you have to pump the ratchet handle or in other words, you need to continuously open and close the ratchet handle. Once the slack is removed, you have to close the ratchet handle completely. Now kinedyne has introduced brand new load securement straps which will remove all the slack and the load will be secured and there will be no movement in the load now.

5) Release the Ratchet and Remove Webbing: 

When the journey is finished and you have to remove the load from the flatbed trailer then you have to start removing the ratchet strap. For removing the ratchet strap you have to pull and hold the release handle. This will open the ratchet handle and will make the strap lose. Later you can easily pull it out through the axle slot. This way you can remove the ratchet strap easily after the journey.


When the use of ratchet strap is complete then just wrap it up and tie it with a rubber band and store it in a bag to make it last for a longer period of time. Ratchet straps provide the desired strength and keep the cargo safe throughout the journey.

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