Ready for Heavy Duty: 4 Reasons Why Bed Liners Are the Trucking Industry’s Top Choice

For many owners, a pickup truck is much more than a means of getting from Point A to Point B. It’s also a valuable tool for work and personal purposes. When properly used, a bed liner is a safe and effective way to extend your pickup truck’s usable life while also making it much more attractive.

In the old days, bed liner installation was cumbersome, dangerous, or both. But that was before products like the Durabak bed liner became commercially available. It makes bed liner installation almost as easy as painting. Owners can brush it on, spray it on, or roll it on. In any of these cases, the eye-popping results are much the same.

Preserve Value

Minor physical damage has a very detrimental effect on the vehicle’s resale value. Dings and scratches indicate that the owner did not care very much about the vehicle, which begs the question of what else may be wrong with the vehicle. That’s a very poor position to be in when negotiating things like resale price.


A bed liner does more than cover up these minor problems. It prevents future issues in this area. That’s especially true since modern bedliners are not just for the truck bed. The’re useful on other surfaces as well, such as the sides and undercarriage.

UV Protection

Solar radiation is an issue even if the weather is cloudy or rainy. Over time, ultraviolet rays can do serious damage to your vehicle. This radiation causes the paint to fade. So, no matter what it’s like under the hood, your truck seems old and worn-out. First impressions matter a lot in sales situations. So, if your vehicle does not look its best, you have lost ground before negotiations even start.

A good bed liner may block up to 80 percent of these UV rays. As a result, your vehicle retains its new look even after hundreds of thousands of miles. As an added bonus, bed liners come in a variety of colors. So, it’s like giving your truck a complete makeover.

Non-Slip Protection

Many people use their pickups to haul relatively small loads, like furniture and tools. When these things shift, they scratch the metal. These shifts also make a pickup dangerous to operate. With almost every turn or corner, the vehicle’s center of gravity shifts.

A bed liner keeps your cargo in place. It saves time as well. Rather than tying down cargo and readjusting it several times on long trips, owners simply place the cargo in the back and hit the road.


Paint does much more than just make your truck look pretty. It shields the metal frame from water and oxygen. The more cargo you haul, the more paint chips occur and the more stress goes onto the frame. Even a slight amount of oxidation usually causes rust. Over time, this rust compromises your vehicle’s frame and may even damage engine parts.


A bed liner stops this process as well. Furthermore, if applied elsewhere on the truck, a bed liner protects these components as well.

Honorable mention goes to repairability and a custom fit.

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