8 Reasons You Should Buy a Carport if You Don’t Have Covered Parking Space

A new car is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. Not only is it an investment, but an absolute necessity that needs to work everyday (for most people). Parking your car outside in the open is therefore, quite an illogical thing to do.

By leaving your car out in the open, you’re leaving it susceptible to all sorts of wear and tear. Sunlight is harsh on a car’s paint finish, and can leave it faded if the car is parked outside for extended periods of time everyday. Then there’s wind and dust, which are going to create micro scratches on the car’s surface.

Keeping these things in mind, it’s pretty clear that you need to park your car in a sheltered space, where it’s protected from the elements. The only issue is, not everyone has access to a private parking space or garage.

That’s where carports come in. In this article we’ll be focusing on the reasons why a carport is the perfect alternative to car garages.

1. Cost Effective

Carports are an amazingly cost effective alternative to traditional car parks, garages and other car shelters. Most carports are considered temporary buildings, so you don’t need permission from the authorities to build one!

If you’re handy with tools, most carports can be assembled over the course of an afternoon. If you’re really short on time, you can hire outside help from companies like carportsandmore.com but the charges will be nowhere near as constructing a full-on garage.

And yet, the end result is the same - your car is protected from the elements, for a far lower cost. This makes carports a very cost effective way of shielding your car against sunlight and other weather elements.

2. DIY-Friendly

You don’t need to have a degree in structural engineering to setup a carport. Most carports come as easy-to-setup kits that include everything you need to setup the carport, with the exception of tools of course.

Since there are no electronics to worry about, you won’t require an expert electrician like you would in a traditional garage construction. All you need to do to setup a carport is a little bit of perseverance, physical strength and some patience to follow the user manual instructions.

All-in-all, we consider carports to be very DIY-friendly, and can recommend anyone to build them, regardless of their experience.

3. Your Car is Fully Protected

Even though a carport costs a fraction of a traditional garage, it provides many of the same benefits when it comes to shielding your car from the elements. You won’t have to deal with piles of snow on your windshield in the winter, or scorching seats in the summer.

Plus, rain and dirt won’t damage your car’s paint finish either. A carport is a very cost effective way of protecting your car indeed.

4. Portable Garage

Have you decided to move to another place? No problem! Your carport will move with you. Unlike traditional car garages, which can only be displaced by natural disasters, carports are easy to move.

Simply disassemble your carport, which doesn’t take very long mind you, and you’re good to go. There’s a reason why they’re called carports.

This can also be a plus point if you’re moving to a house which does not have a garage. Supposing you can purchase or rent the property for cheap, your carport will still do an admirable job of protecting your car, even if you don’t have a garage.

Once you’re tired of your place and want to move somewhere else, you won’t have to worry about parking your car in a sheltered place. Weather protection simply becomes a non-issue once you have a carport.

5. No More Cleaning Your Car More than You Need To

Keeping your car outside unsheltered means it’s a welcome place for birds to do their business. Then there’s also hail dents, tree branches and other debris to worry about. New car buyers will be especially concerned about all of this, but not with a carport!

A carport ensures that your car stays protected no matter where you live, and whether you have access to a car garage or not. 

6. Choose Your Own Carport

Carports come in a variety of builds and sizes. If you own a small hatchback, you don’t need to splurge on a large carport. Similarly, if you move places often you need a carport that’s easy to disassemble to take along.

And with carports, you really can make these decisions. Carports can be big and small, heavy and lightweight - it all depends on your preferences. Be sure to take a look at all the types of carports available to find one which suits your exact needs and preferences.

7. Carports Are Awesome to Look At

Carports have a minimalist appeal which is hard to match with traditional parking spaces and garages. Go for a wireframe model and it’s going to look awesome, no matter what kind of cars you park underneath it.

You can customize the look of your carports quite easily as well. Why not put an arrangement of beautiful plants around the edges to give it a unique look? You can also hang potted plants for that extra visual flair. 

​8. Much More than a Car Shelter

Carports are much more than just car shelters. You can park your motorcycle under them as well (of course!). You can store all the things you cannot in your home, but still want sheltered.

You can even use them as outdoor porches if you need extra space.

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