A Quick Road Trip In Australia – Some Special Places To Stop

Finding a quick road trip in Australia is not easy. It’s a huge continent. If you want to see it all, you’ll need at least 2 months. Even just half of it will take about 6 weeks. So this trip is for people who’ve only got 2 weeks - it could be the best 2 weeks of your life.

Best bikes to rent? It doesn’t really matter. Experts say you could choose from the BMW GS range, a Harley Sportster, Honda Goldwing or even a postie bike (mailman bike).

Sydney to Melbourne to Tasmania

We’ve chosen this route because it takes in two vibrant, international cities and some incredible natural beauty in between. It covers about 1,975 miles. So you need to be properly prepared – that means you and the bike.

Weather – it’s not always hot and sunny. This trip takes in the south coast and Tasmania can be chilly. Always take suntan lotion, hat and sunglasses.

Insects – Australia is home to the mozzie (mosquito), sandfly and fly. Wear repellent if you don’t want to itch or scratch.

Luggage – as little as possible, but plan for 10 litres per day of water, spare fuel, and a torch because it’s dark in the country. Definitely don’t travel at dawn and dusk because of kangeroos.

Follow the rules – upper limit on motorways is 110kmh and lowest is 40kmh in school zones. Alcohol limit is 0.05. There are speed cameras everywhere.


Spend as much time as you like in Sydney. It’s a magnificent harbour city, with hundreds of little emerald bays as well as iconic Circular Quay with its Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Sydney is busy, smart and pricey.

Snowy Mountains to Great Ocean Road

From Sydney, a few hours down the scenic East Coast, pass through the Snowies (Snowy Mountains). Many people don’t realise Australia gets snow. While our mountains are not very high, we ski in Winter and you can bike through the Alpine passes.

From the Snowies to the Victorian Highlands are more exciting roads to ride and breathtaking views as you take the next corner. Pass some small communities where you might meet a friendly Aussie or two. Beyond is the Great Ocean Road, one of the best coastal cliff rides in the world. The Aussie ocean is spectacularly blue on our typical sunny days.


Melbourne and Sydney have a long-time rivalry. When you get there, you’ll see why it’s hard to choose.

Take a ferry now across the Bass Strait to Tasmania, stopping in the lovely port town of Devonport. Tasmania is an island state – not all Australians in other states have even been there. It’s home to awe inspiring wilderness and pristine white beaches.

There is no better way to see these places than winding down lanes on your bike:

Bay of Fires – turquoise ocean, white sand, mouth-watering BBQ

Freycinet National Park – includes Wineglass Bay, one of the world’s top ten beaches

Port Arthur – an old penitentiary in a stunning setting

Hobart – charming foodie capital of Tasmania, climb Mount Wellington

Tasman World Heritage Area – Cradle Mountain, endless lush, magical wilderness.

This is just a little taste of Australia. The land Downunder, as we often call it, is not what you think it is. Come and find out.

Written by James Kemp, website https://www.greenslipcalculator.com.au/

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