Safety Systems For Motorcycles

Motorcyclists are more susceptible to fatal road accidents than any other road user; this is one of the reasons why many manufacturers are considering the so-called ITS system for their motorcycles. But what is ITS exactly? And how could it benefit motorcyclists on the road?

Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

ITS stands for intelligent transport system. The term is used to various information and communication technology systems that could contribute to the safety of motorcyclists. Even though there are not many available today, more manufacturers are thinking about the incorporation of such a system.

Tests of Intelligent Transport Systems

There has been some research into ITS and the effect they can have on the safety of motorcyclists. Research have found that two-wheel vehicles with intelligent transport systems have a reduced chance of being involved in an accident; this applies to systems such as intersection assistant, left-turn assistant, and the curve warning assistant. These systems can help motorcyclists anticipate certain hazards, but also provide warnings where inappropriate speed is concerned.

What Are the Challenges of Intelligent Transport Systems?

Even though intelligent transport systems could make a ride safer for bikers, it does come with various challenges. One of the main challenges accompanying Intelligent Transport Systems is the human-interface interaction.

A good Intelligent Transport System should not distract the driver but help when required; this can be challenging, since the system can be a distraction for certain riders. Therefore, additional testing is required to acquire a perfect balance of assistance and easy usability.


While Intelligent Transport Systems can certainly assist motorcyclists to be safer on the road, the technology required for such assistance is not on point. Motorcycle manufacturers will require more research to implement intelligent systems that aid the biker, instead of being a distraction. Time will tell how those systems will come to fruition.

Plus, the most foolproof and efficient way to remain safe is of course by having the right safety equipment. This infographic by My Best Motorcycle GPS details the kind of safety equipment you need and the effect it will have for you:


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