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The man who was just an auto rickshaw driver the only thing that he had was the hard work, dedication and the dreams. If you have all the 3 things then you can change your world. The story of Shrikant is really an inspirational one because the man has made all his efforts to reach up to the level where he is today.

Shrikant, a normal rickshaw driver who thought his entire life would end on the three wheels has made a long journey to reach to the level. Now, he is still on a three wheel vehicle but this time it is a giant vehicle, and now he is not a normal auto driver, he is a Pilot.

Shrikant Pantawane who was an auto rickshaw driver four years back is now a commercial pilot for indigo airlines. He passed his 12th and he started driving rickshaw due to poor financial conditions of his family. Shrikant’s father is a watchman and he was not able to provide higher education to his son. The financial condition of his family never allowed him to dream big and his fate was decided in driving the rickshaw.

However, if you have the willingness and the dedication then there is nothing that can stop you. One fine day Shrikant went to the airport to deliver some goods and when he was there he saw several pilots. He was curious to know about becoming a pilot so he asked the details of becoming a pilot to the nearest tea vender.

On getting to know about the financial requirements, it was impossible for him to become a pilot. But someone pointed at the scholarship scheme that is available for becoming a pilot for the 12th passed students. It was the time that the dreams of Shrikant started flying as he got hopes to make his dream come true.

Still the road was not straight, the financial crisis and the poor English of Shrikant was the matter of concern for him. He joined a library to improve his English and he used to sit in the library till 2 in the midnight.

All the hard work and dedication were not in vain. In 2011, Shrikant was awarded the DGCA scholarship and he enrolled for the program of becoming a pilot. The program was completed in 2013 but shrikant was not able to find a job.

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In 2013 itself, Shrikant got one another scholarship and he entered into the Central Training Establishment centre for pilots in Hyderabad. The hard work of the young man was worth getting something big. Shrikant took the training and then he was selected. Shrikant Pantawane, the man from Nagpur who was just an auto rickshaw driver four years back, he is now the co-pilot of Indigo Airlines commercial plane.

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The story of Shrikant is really an inspiration for us as this shows how hard work and dedication can make your dreams come true. The man from the poor financial background, who used to drive a three wheel auto rickshaw, is still driving a three wheel vehicle but now it has got wings.

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