Signs Indicate That You Need To Buy A New Car

Many of us who need a new car or are too attached to our old to get rid of it, or think they just can not afford “now.” A fun list of reasons to donate your old car and get new one.

1) You needs a hanger to change the radio station because its knobs are missing

2) You are using a hanger as one of the antennas

3) You have to get in and out of your car through the windows because the doors do not open.

4) You still have these 8 tracks rocking a player in 2012

5) People start to sing the theme of “Sanford and Son” every time you drive in your car

6) Take your car to a friend and he laughs at you

7) Your spouse carries out in additional life insurance, as long as the unit continue your piece of junk

8) I keep wondering what the stench is in his trunk and hope that it was not once alive because you can not get open

9) You have to push your car to start hoping and praying that it can get better before arriving traffic

10) Drive 20 miles per hour in the slow lane “just in case”

11) There is no good reputation of the insurance company assures car

12) You have to pay your cousin who works as a mechanic, so the car passes inspection

13) You take your car to the mechanic and look at you like “what the Hell”

14) His children ask why the car is out of snarl

15) Your mother makes the sign of the cross whenever you leave the house

16) Someone leaves a note in the car saying “take me to the junkyard”

17) You call someone who advertise “We Buy Cars” and hung up on you

18) You have to use your compact as a rear view mirror

19) You have the tape side mirrors in place with masking tape spray painted to match the color of the car

20) You have a “special touch” sequence for the hood as the car open

21) There is no longer any spare parts for your car

22) It stopped to more than 3 times a week for traffic fines

23) You have to use a flashlight for the head lights

24) You have to throw to change the radio station because this using a hanger or you are stuck on listening to the old radio station playback Lawrence Welk on your journey, because you can not throw more on the road to change the station because you will receive a ticket to the little thing up you need to your car

25) It has a separate CD player attached to your control panel to play CDs

26) It stopped for an appointment and get arrested because you need a hook to open the glove compartment of your car and the police do not believe you

27) It receives a fine for defacing city property because the muffler is so low on the ground that divides the images on the street

28) When a $ 100 repair is much risk because it costs more than your car

It’s time to get a new car. OK, these examples are a bit extreme, but you get the point. You know when it is time for you to get a new car. You can donate your old car to many charities and car or car parts go to feed the hungry, the search for a cure for all types of cancer, help veterans and the homeless, helping children and a number of other things.

When is it worth changing car?


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The automotive sector is experiencing a good time waiting for a new edition of PIVE renewed, but despite this the Spanish fleet remains outdated should we replace our car before? What is the right time?

Buying a car is not a simple economic decision. First, except for housing, it is the most expensive economic decision. Secondly for depreciation, we remove only the dealer and you will have lost a significant percentage of its value and ultimately generate many costs.

All this leads to the decision, in economic terms, is very complex. The more hopefully lower value is substituting the car while costs rise by breakdowns. But if we do soon, we do not have to pay too much for the vehicle, especially if we have funded. Search balance is the key, but always valuing all conditions.

If you want to get the most value to your vehicle will not wait too long to sell. With this you must change when the car is between 2 and 5 years, is not yet considered an antique car, no big -depending faults kilometraje- and usually the manufacturer will not replaced the car model by a more recent, something that It makes you lose an important value.

Analyze faults. Exceeded a certain mileage failures multiply, not only motor also other points with expensive repairs, as with electronics. At that point, it is better to change vehicles, but most likely we will close the market selling second-hand and have to get rid of it at the dealership itself. Many times this does not happen by concatenation of faults but because a large damage exceeds or comes close in cost to the value it already has.

The cars have evolved much at all-security, comfort … aspects – but especially in engine and fuel consumption. If we use intensively we can have significant fuel savings. Big cities parking systems penalize increasingly old and polluting cars. Additionally if contamination is often the first to restrict traffic. Our needs change.

Of all kinds, from work, because we need to use our car much more than we normally have in the garage and multiply the kilometers or family if the number of family members. In the first case the reasons are purely economic in the second take precedence others like comfort and safety.

But as a general rule, when we detect that the cost of vehicle maintenance is triggered is when we replace him with a more efficient, always looking to get the most money for the vehicle.

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