Signs You Need to Replace Your Vehicle’s Air Filter

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Engine failures are a common symptom of a clogged fuel filter or air filter. However, it could be a failure because of flow meter a dirty air filter. Breakdowns – Turbos – TurboMaster symptoms: The turbo breaks to miss the oil, and oil leakage.

Small detect breakdowns in the radiator, or symptoms that hese go to. The problems are placed in the air inlet or defective nozzles dirty air filter calibrated directly the pump.



1.Air filtration

Air filters are an all utility where air quality is important, especially. But eventually each filter reaches the point where it causes each in press and restricts the airflow. Each of fuel pressure, is usually done by a dirty fuel filter where it enters petrol and diesel or in other words where is the entrance of diesel.

When a filter is bored or stuck there are some symptoms that indicate. Diesel pollution and Fuel Filter Plugging consequently make the fuel flow through the filter decrease. The purpose of the filter is very simple: Protect the engine, so that it has to block all. A dirty filter affect the fuel flow supplied to the engine and its power.

For every liter of fuel consumed, a modern diesel engine typically requires 15,000 liters of air. The combined fuel with air is going on inside the engine. Being the most impure diesel fuel, the replacement of diesel oil filter is necessary. The most frequent breakdowns that can occur your car is caused by a dirty air filter used in a vehicle which is the most frequent breakdowns of anti-particles filter.

2. When should I change the air filter of my car?

The corresponding cylinder with dirty injector stops working because a filter which is too dirty allows waste to switch to pieces. Replace the oil filter is still more important to change the air filters and fuel.

A dirty air filter is one of the main causes of increased fuel consumption. When the first symptoms appear, you must repair the area. The dirty air passes through the particles fins.

3. Why you have to change the air filter?



Failures fuel injection, air filter and dirty?. The air conditioning filter can affect the refrigerated car and fuel among other things especially fuel filter for diesel vehicles (diesel filter). Why you have to change the oil filter?

The concentration is on such particles in the air we breathe. Symptoms that indicate that the filter should be changed are: Detecting a dirty air filter or in poor condition is an easy task because as the extraction and visual verification of their appearance are only be required . Makers injecting fuel to mix with air.

4. Instructions for changing the air filter your car

Above, we told you about the importance of air filter, now we will focus on the changing of the air filter, vital as it is responsible to avoid entering the polluting gases car, pollen or dust from outside.

Changing the air filter in your car is very simple. You only need a few tools and protective elements. This filter should be changed at least once a year, though, if any of the people who habitually uses the vehicle should change it more frequently.

Thus, regularly changing the filter, keep at bay the intake air harmful materials: the exhaust of cars driving ahead, fine particles and diesel soot, pollen and bacteria, ozone and nitrogen oxide. Therefore, this element is essential if we have any allergies.

The optimal time for replacement of this filter is precisely now, in the spring, since on the one hand, has retained many particles during autumn and winter are ideal for mold and bacteria growth and, on the other hand, is good change before the start of the pollen season because flowering plants.

You should consult the manual for your car to know for sure where the filter is located.

There are different types of filters: regular and carbon, if you are allergic you should place him latter.

5. How often I change it?

Exterior dirt is accumulated on the filter, and this is gradually becoming saturated. If you ever have too much waste, it loses effective ability and may end up introducing harmful substances into the passenger compartment, damaging our health.

Therefore, we must look good on the recommendation of manufacturers, which often indicate the change to 15,000 km a year of use or if it has not reached that figure.

Finally, we tell you that there are some models of cabin air filter carrying an activated carbon filter, they are more expensive, but effective addition to filter odors.

You know, to change the cabin air filter, this is the perfect time. We remind you that you can find them at a great price in our online store.

Necessary materials

  • Screwdriver
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Mask


Instructions for changing the filter

  • Locate where the filter is located in your vehicle
  • Once you have access to the old filter, remove it and set it apart to lead to recycling. If you are allergic use a protective mask, goggles and gloves. You must be very careful, because the filter is loaded with many substances, including pollen, which can be harmful to your health.
  • Place the new filter, make sure you buy the one indicated by the manufacturer of your car, which is to look out for in the instruction manual. Otherwise you will find the unpleasant surprise that the filter is smaller or larger. Once you have put in place be sure to put all fronts and the respective screws. You must adjust very well.
  • Ideally change the filters before the start of the spring, in the last weeks of winter when pollination is not as intense. That way you can protect this air filter from possible damage. Remember that if any of the people who use the car or yourself are allergic, you must purchase a carbon filter, this will give greater protection.
  • Following these simple steps, you can change yourself the cabin filter, that way you will be very well protected. With the filter in good condition, nothing is going to hurt you

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