Threats From The Boot-Button System Of Automobiles


10 major automobile manufacturers in the world are sued for the boot-button system (no key) of vehicles potentially causing CO poisoning by American consumers. The reason is no warning to the user that they have not yet shut down the engine.

10 manufacturers being sued include BMW (including Mini), Ford, Fiat-Chrysler,  Honda (including Acura), General Motors, Hyundai (including Kia), Volkswagen (including Bentley) Mercedes-Benz, Nissan (including Infiniti) and Toyota (including Lexus).

According to the lawsuit sent to the District Court in Los Angeles, there were 13 deaths in the US due to CO poisoning involving vehicles fitted boot system does not use keys – technology is present in more than 5 million vehicles in Noodle.

Since the start-up and shut down the engine without the key feature, which through electronic buttons on the car, so many users who forget to turn off the machine when you leave the car, take the keys. CO emissions from cars can cause poisoning, choking gas if parking in the garage associated with houses.

This is not a technical error, which is defective in design, leading to the risk of loss of safety when using the car. Consumers said that the automaker has said the potential risks of non-use system startup keys for years because the technology is put into cars since 2003, but they still do not have solutions .

Deliberately ignorance of safety warnings?


The plaintiffs said that the automobile manufacturer can “save” 13 deaths and many cases of injury if the vehicle equipped with auto-turn off the engine when no passengers – a calculation not too expensive and energy complex. GM and Ford even made copyright registration procedures feature.

The prosecution also said that from 2009 to date, the Department of National Traffic Safety (NHTSA) has received 27 complaints related to system startup by buttons on the car. Therefore, it is difficult to include measures that automobile manufacturers do not know the potential risks of this system.

The main purpose of the lawsuit is to put pressure on auto manufacturers to increase computers equipped with automatically shutdown when there is no person sitting in the car. Besides being some claim and penalties.

Currently, all automotive manufacturers have refused to comment on the matter.

According to data from the Center for Control and Prevention of the US epidemic, state accidentally every year from CO poisoning caused about 430 deaths in the US.

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