Tips To Avoid Fraud When Buying Vehicles Online

After a home, buying a car is one of the most important purchases for a consumer. Buying a car online can be the ideal way to find a vehicle to suit your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

As with any major purchase, to ensure that the vehicle is suitable for your needs and avoid any scam, you must be vigilant before buying a car on the Internet. An online car research can occasionally expose consumers to scams and the users are usually trapped.

Most of the time, the fake advertisement displays an unbeatable price. The only details available are email addresses or ultimately invalid phone numbers. The “fake seller” is curiously always in a hurry to conclude a transaction, sometimes invoking a move. It can successfully provide a valid identification number of the vehicle. Some have the audacity to show more ads with the same picture…

To inform consumers about potential fraud in the market for used vehicles and to prevent the purchase or sale of a vehicle does not turn into a nightmare and enjoy your new purchase, we have listed 10 tips to guide you through the vehicles market online and guarantee you a good deal and a good vehicle.

1.  Pay attention to ads or vendors that are too good to be true



If the vehicle price seems too low, if the seller wants to communicate only by email, it becomes too pressing or does something that alert you, refuse the sale. Take your time to compare prices. The Internet is the easiest way to properly analyze the market. Beware of too good business (Mercedes ML € 15 000 …). If you are not sure, ask an expert to guide you.

2. Be wary of street vendors

An itinerant seller is an individual, a dealer or an unauthorized dealer who buys any type of vehicle and, instead of registering them under his own name; he sells the vehicles by applying a profit. The dealer claims to be the former owner or tells potential buyers that he sells the car to a family member or friend. He can lie about the actual condition of the car, the odometer tampering or hide major flaws.



3. Get the Car report

A vehicle history report provides full and impartial history of the life of a vehicle, including crucial information relating to accident. Ask the seller if he can provide a report or purchase the report so as to know the complete history of the vehicle.


4. Check the dealer history

If you buy your vehicle from a dealer, make background searches and dealer reputation. Each state has a administrative body that issues licenses for dealers, criterion required to legally sell vehicles. Make sure the documents are in the name of the seller. Professional sellers often pose as private individuals. Ask for the original purchase invoice of the vehicle.

5. Do some research on liens and stolen cars.

Check the vehicle papers and the number of previous owners. An abnormal number of owners should arouse your suspicion. A Car report will indicate whether there are liens applicable across the country over the car.

A lien is an equity owner of a vehicle assigned to a third party as security or collateral for a loan. Car reports also contain information from the Centre of the Police Information; reading the report, you will know if a vehicle is stolen.

6. Verify the identity of the seller and the VIN

Ask your vendor ID and check if the name and address of the seller correspond to the data on the vehicle registration form. You must ensure that the person selling the vehicle is the true owner. It’s also a good time to compare the data again on the make, model, year, color, license plate and the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the car with the registration form.


7. Check the odometer correctly

Rolling back the odometer is a sneaky way to increase the price of a car with high mileage. Check the odometer: All figures are they aligned? Is there any evidence of any tampering (scratches, cracks) around the odometer? The wear of the seats, the steering wheel, it is brake pedals and the interior generally greater than it would seem to indicate vehicle mileage?

8. Make a double check of the car’s condition


When you have the opportunity to check the vehicle, have an interior and exterior inspection, so as to ensure that the actual condition of the vehicle matches the description given by the seller. When you take a driving test, do not make haste: 30 minutes may be needed to properly evaluate the functioning of the vehicle.

The newly painted vehicles must arouse your suspicion ( “I did not like the color”). Check tires (depth of the footprint, use asymmetric,…), the engine compartment (for leaks) and all electrical accessories (lights, sunroof, power windows) …

9. Do not pay before the vehicle is in your possession


Never agree to pay the advance vehicle and do not send money by wire transfer. Beware of people who only accept cash payments. If the seller requires the services of a third party custodian, do some research on that party and make sure it is legal, because many online repositories of sites are fraudulent.

Do not come with money at the first meeting. Pay only when transferring ownership and delivery of the vehicle. Beware if the seller asks liquidity evidence.

10. Be diligent for the purchase of the vehicle

Contact an independent mechanic, qualified to perform a detailed check of the vehicle. Please have your Car report, since you must ensure that any damage has been properly repaired. Test the vehicle and check the steering, transmission, brakes, good motor running … If you’re not sure, ask yourself if an inspection by a professional is not necessary.

Read the details in the sales document. The state of the vehicle shall be stated in writing (no accident, mileage, date of first registration, equipment or additional accessories). Subsequently, in case of trouble, only a written sales document can help you get compensation or cancellation of the transaction.

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