Tips For A Successful Car Camping Road Trip

Car-camping is really a great way to explore and experience, it is affordable but not for everyone. So before doing a road trip, sit down and and work everything out.

  • Plan ahead

You don’t just jump in the car and decide to go for a trip on a whim.

  • Time

Choose the best time for you, some prefer go car camping on holidays while others prefer less crowded days …The wintertime will be better if you want to avoid insects, snakes …It always takes longer for you to drive to your destination than the GPS device tells you.

  • Research

Plan a route

It can’t be fun a fun trip without interest destinations.Do a research, see if there is some interesting events or is there any festival coming up, you can adjust your route so you won’t miss the fun. is a great website to plan your own route effectively.

• Do some research

You need to check the condition of the road you are going to be in, make sure the roads are not under construction or closed.

• Always check weather forecasts online

That way you know the expected high and low temperatures and can anticipate the climate changes to avoid extreme weather: floods, lightning, tornadoes…If it happens when you are on road, learn how to deal with it. Always be prepared for a change in the weather.

  • Money
  • You are going to drive miles per day, which means you have to fill up gas almost every day.
  • You will have the need to buy fresh ingredients or just simply want to try out regional cuisine and stuff that aren’t available in your place.
  • All these things can cost you a fortune.
  • If you don’t have much cash or don’t want to bring a lot of cash, bring your debit card and notify your bank.
  • Try to use things you already have so you won’t have to spend much on road.
  • If you’re new, start basic. Don’t buy things that are too expensive. If after the first few times, you find yourself get into it, then invest.
  • Car

Get your car checked out and remember to bring a spare tire. Make sure you have all the equipment, extra oil and water for your car.

  • Pack

Since this is a car-camping, you don’t have to worry much about it, the more you pack, the less you have to buy on road. But don’t over pack! It’s going to weigh down your car which burns gas.

• Insect repellent

Buy lotion, devices to keep them away.

• Clothing

Dress appropriately for weather and in layers so it will be easy to pull out or put on to adjust to the weather.Always prepare for bad weather: Raincoat, flashlight …

• Carry-on bag

Stow everything you need for a night in your carry-on bag.

• Tent

The tent must be roomy, it must have enough room for you and the carry-on bag so you don’t have to go back and forth from your tent to your car to get things.

  • Size: Choose the right size of tent based on the size of your group and additional space would be great.
  • Fabric: There are three types of tents: 3-season tents (most popular, can withstand downpours), 3-4-season tents (very sturdy) and 4-season tents (fortified for harsh weather).

• Sleeping bag and pillow

There are three types of sleeping bags: Summer (30¬0F and higher), three-season (200F and above) and winter (200F and below) bags. Choose one that suits the temperature where you will be camping in.Buy a roomy one to have a quality sleep.Bring an extra blanket if it’s too sweltering to sleep in a sleeping bag.

• Devices

Always equip yourself with GPS device, Smart phones with GPS, Guide books, Maps… so you can choose the best route or an alternative route for the current one. Having these will ensure you won’t get lost.Use multiple devices at the same time, you can never know it they are working correctly.

• Games

Prepare a playlist of games to make the drive more fun and memorable.Bring some CDs to listen to.

• Food and drinks

Pack kinds of food that are suitable for the weather more fruits and vegetables for the summer and meatier and heartier food for the winter.Bring plenty of snacks.Bring the equipment to make your meal.Always bring water! You need it all the time.

• Bring Ice cooler and thermal flasks

Food can spoil easily or maybe you want to keep your drinks hot in the winter, use thermal container to store your food and drinks.A dry run

Take it step by step, don’t rush it.Before heading out for on a big trip, do a dry run to see if anything is not working. Choose some short local route and test it out.


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