Pursuing Damages After Getting Into An Accident With A Truck

4 Tips For Pursuing Damages After Getting Into An Accident With A Truck

Being involved in a truck accident isn’t something you imagine yourself in, and you might have never even thought about what to do in situations like this. With fear and shock, your emotions might be in a jumble. 

Accidents could be pretty complicated and often require the participation of several parties. It would be best if you also considered various factors to transition and go over the right processes of handling truck accidents.

The first thing to do when you’re in a car accident is to stop and get out of your car–it’s your legal obligation to do so. It doesn’t matter if you’re unsure whether the damages are big or small, you need to stop your car any time you crash on something or someone. Before letting your emotions get the best of you, it’s recommendable never to admit any responsibility. Ensure to have the best chances of receiving full compensation for medical injuries caused by the opposing party. 

Let this article provide you with some guidelines on how to pursue damages when involved in an accident with a truck:

1. Call An Enforcement And Report The Accident

Law enforcement officials are responsible for doing a preliminary investigation regarding the incident that involves you and the truck owner. They’ll interview you and the assailant, as well as third-party witnesses. They also need to examine the scene of the accident while thoroughly inspecting the conditions of the vehicles. Finally, they can determine which party is at fault. Keep in mind that this report is the most persuasive and influential evidence of which party will be held liable for damages and injuries.

The absence of such a report will result in inconsistent statements from both sides. Often, it’ll lead to unresolved arguments as to which one is the suspect. Remember that even if the truck driver might accept sole responsibility for the accident at first, their statement could still change later when you proceed with the next step to solving the matter. They can go into denial, especially during your compensation claims. The opposite party's insurance company might not be able to pay you with any reimbursements when such denial and lies happen. 

To prevent this from happening, always make sure that a legit report created by the authorities is made.

Pursuing Damages After Getting Into An Accident With A Truck

2. Hire An Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

As a victim, it would be in your best interest if you seek professional help and advice from a truck accident lawyer so that you can learn more about the legalities of the matter. 

Contrary to what many people think, hiring a lawyer on day one should be at the top of your to-do list. This way, you can have someone beside you who can tackle the processes of insurance claims, settlements, and addressing medical issues. Unlike the insurance company, your lawyer will represent you and have your best interests as their utmost priority. They’ll make sure that you’ll receive the rightful compensation for any damages and injuries. 

From settling property damage claims, vehicle repairs, claiming money for temporary car rentals, choosing the best medical facilities, maximizing monetary benefits for recovery, and filing a lawsuit in case the insurance company denies obligations, your lawyer will be with you every step of the way. It’s even shown on surveys that people who have expert attorneys represent them have approximately received two to three times more compensation than those who did everything by themselves. 

Although you’ll need to pay some part of the settlement to your lawyer, the total amount you can claim will be much higher than dealing with the insurance company alone. Also, you can approach an experienced lawyer and have a free consultation with no obligation. 

You can check out more options and trust them to help you maximize your claims. This way, you can recover physically and financially from the truck accident.

3. Report Your Injuries In Detail

Right after the authorities have conducted the report, you’ll now undergo an initial medical examination after the accident. During this time, it’s essential to describe your injuries with precision and specifications. 

Medical providers will take charge of documenting all your physical pains, complaints, and injuries in their medical reports. This document will serve as a basis for how the insurance company can go over your case and decide how to evaluate your injury claims later. It’s crucial to note that any injury that wasn’t recorded on the medical records will be ignored and argued upon by the insurance company. For one, they might assert that it’s no longer related to the accident.

Check your body well before finishing the medical inspection. There will be some possibilities where you only feel a slight pain in some parts of your body, and you may think that it's not worth mentioning, but they can become severe over time. Don’t skip any small details like this because failing to do so will cause some hiccups on your injury claims later. 

Be very transparent with the medical providers who are checking your physical condition. Never assume that your body can tolerate any minor pain because you’re never sure of how it’ll turn out. Your medical record should contain all your honest physical state so your rights for a claim will be preserved at a maximum.

Pursuing Damages After Getting Into An Accident With A Truck

4. Make Sure To Have A Witness Back Up Your Claims

If there are witnesses to the accident, act fast and approach them for their contact information. In situations where you’re not severely hurt from the accident, it’s smart to focus on the present dilemma and observe the third parties involved in the case. 

Remember that, most of the time, witnesses don’t wait out at the scene of the accident. Sometimes, when law enforcement authorities arrive, these important witnesses will be gone, and you need to defend your own words against the assailant. This will leave confusion to the law enforcers. Having third-party witnesses will help support your claims and help the authorities decide who’s clearly at fault.

Also, keep in mind that police reports may often disregard witnesses’ contact information, so it’s your sole responsibility to secure them by yourself. When gathering information from a witness, try to get as much as possible since their full name could lead to many similar name identity results. If this is the case, it wouldn’t be easy to track them down. Politely ask for more details since this can give you the upper hand when the jury would require a witness to take part in the trial. 


In a nutshell, you should do your best to avoid getting involved in any car accident. Being involved in any car accident is something very trivial and should require careful steps on your part. 

By applying the tips disclosed in this article, you’ll have a smoother way of dealing with your car accident. Hiring a professional truck accident attorney who has been dealing with similar cases for many years will be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make. This is because they know the nuts and bolts about insurance claims so that you’ll get compensated accordingly. 

Also, by having an attorney on your side, you’ll be able to leave out the stress and pressures, allowing you to focus more on physically and mentally recovering from the truck accident. Besides, you’re more than entitled to have your claims for injuries and damages you may have.

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