Tips For Solo Motorcycle Touring

When it comes to the open road, nothing is quite like touring the country on your motorcycle. The feel of the wind on your face and your Pirelli tires beneath you is both exciting and transcendent. However, if you decide to go out on your own, there are some things you should keep in mind to make sure that your trip goes smoothly. From upgrading your motorcycle parts to checking with your friends, here are four tips for solo adventurers:

  • Start Early

If you’re not normally a morning person, you should adapt to become one while you’re on the road. Riding during the day allows you to see more of what’s around you, but finishing before the sun goes down also lets you can get plenty of rest. Sleeping in is great for a Saturday, but it will only hold you back when you’re on your bike.

  • Inspect Your Ride

Even if your journey takes only a few days, you want to be careful that you don’t break down on the way. Because your bike is exposed to the elements, things will wear down faster and break easier than in a car. Bring along some spare Yamaha parts to make repairs on the road if necessary.

  • Check In Along the Way

We’ve all heard stories of people who went out alone and never came back. Usually, in those cases, the person would have been found a lot sooner if he or she had told people where they were. By having someone with whom you can check in on a daily basis you will avoid the risk of getting lost or stranded. Even a text saying “made it to my next stop” is sufficient and will ensure that you have someone watching your back.

  • Wear the Right Gear

One critical thing you have to have on the road is earplugs, especially if you’re riding all day. For quick trips, these aren’t necessary, but after several hours you will be so glad you had them. Also, be sure to wear high-quality boots and gloves to help reduce fatigue while on the road.

Overall, the more you can plan your trip, the better. Be sure to have the best motorcycle parts on your bike and don’t leave anything to chance. Anything can happen on the road, so be prepared.

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