Traversing the globe is something everyone should give a try at some point in their life – but it doesn’t come without its risks. Getting around needn’t be a nightmarish experience. Here are five ways to stay safe while you travel the world.

1. Don’t be fooled by those less fortunate than you

  • It sounds odd, and maybe even a little callous, but you should always be wary of people begging you for money. This is a particular problem across most of Europe, with small groups of children sadly being forced to steal from people for food.
  • Often they’ll approach you all at once, asking for money en masse. It’s at this point one of the more skilled kids will reach into your pockets while you’re distracted and take something of real value.
  • It’s wrong to overlook those in need; but handing them cash on the streets is not the right way to do it. If you have a genuine concern for their well-being, report them to the police or donate to local charities fighting exploitation and poverty.

2. Carry things in your front pockets

  • Speaking of pockets being picked, a clever way of making yourself as small a target as possible is by placing as many items as you feasibly can in your front pockets (or in another secure place).
  • Walking around with something obviously sticking out at the back is almost certainly going to result in you becoming a victim of theft.
  • That said, it’s also important to remember not to carry absolutely everything in one place. While this is handy to an extent, it also means you run the risk of losing all of your items in one foul swoop. Think about investing in hiring a storage unit, or use a hotel safe if they have one.

3. Don’t assume the police are always on your side

  • Again, we know this might sound a little controversial, but it’s not wise to blindly assume all authority figures are on your side. There are corners of the globe where you may even find yourself exploited by the police.
  • This often more of a problem in developing countries, with cops in places like Bali known to go as far as to pull someone over and issue them an “on the spot fine”. Naturally, these will be completely unjustified, but here’s very little you can do other than play along.
  • If you’re worried about being targeted in this manner, try to look as little like a tourist as possible and avoid the police unless you actually need their help.

4. Make electronic copies of all your important documents

  • If you do find your important documents have gone missing, you’re suddenly up the creek without a paddle. You can avoid this sticky situation by making an electronic copy of everything you have and storing it on a USB stick.
  • If you’re still worried this’ll go missing as well, you can send a copy of everything via email to a contact in your native land. All you’ll need is a reliable internet connection to be able to access the details once they’ve sent them to you.
  • It’s never good to misplace important info, but you’ll at least know when using this method your documentation isn’t totally lost. You won’t be stranded if disaster does strike – which is the most important thing for your well-being.

5. Avoid areas associated with civil unrest

  • You hear people on the news every year saying the same thing; “Well, when I booked my holiday to Iraq I wasn’t exactly expecting to be caught in the middle of a terror attack!”.
  • While it’s wrong to totally disregard a country because of a coloured history, you need to use some common sense when it comes to choosing where you’re headed on holiday.
  • Egypt is another prime example of a destination which has a lot to offer, but has been at the centre of civil unrest in recent history. Make sure you only elect to head to one of these spots if you’re willing to accept the possibility something might happen.

If you’re worried about your safety when travelling the world, pay close attention to the tips we’ve offered on this list.

If you’re looking to guarantee you return from your holidays in one piece, follow the advice we’ve laid out today.

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