Tips to Overcome Motion Sickness

Find relief from motion sickness and seasickness with these tips to overcome the queasiness and headaches from riding a car, boat, or plane


  • Look ahead, don’t look around so that your eyes won’t get tired which will make you feel more dizzy.
  • Have a quality nap before departure: This is very pivotal, if you’re sleep deprivation and exhaustion will only make your car sickness worse. It will make you feel nauseated more easily.

Drink medicine

  • Take 1 pill an hour before going, if you have serious car sick, take 2, to children, use less.
  • Use a motion sickness wrist band.
  • Drink water mixed with a little bit amount of vinegar.


  • Ginger is a natural remedy commonly used to treat motion sickness.
  • The simplest way is to chew (not obligated to swallow) a small bite of fresh raw ginger root.
  • Put dried root of ginger into a capsule.
  • Take ginger pills, tablets, powered ginger, ginger candy, pickled ginger, ginger biscuits and cookies…

Look out the window

  • If you get motion sickness easily, look out the window. Don’t look at moving things like other cars, concentrate all your visual attention at a certain, stable point such as a tree, a building, a mountain… or just a fixed point on the horizon, especially when you travel by boat.
  • Doing this will distract you from the uneasiness and help you clear your mind as your balance system will learn to properly anticipate the motion of the car or the boat.

Leave the car door open

  • Make sure the car is well-ventilated by opening the car window. Breathing in cool, fresh air is a good method to reduce your car sickness.


  • Take as many stop as possible, get out of the car to have fresh air and do some stretching. Get back to your car when your nausea pass.

Take a nap

  • Taking a nap on the bus can help a lot. If possible, try to take a nap to forget about the uneasy feeling. If you have trouble sleeping why travelling, consider some kinds of sleep aids (this method won’t work if you are the driver).


  • Travelling on an empty stomach is the worst.
  • Have a small meal a day or an hour before you go on a car journey. The meal should be low-fat, greasy, spicy, heavy meals contributes to the development of nausea. Avoid excessive food or liquids.
  • Bring along snacks.
  • Remember do not drink alcohol, hangover will only make you get more nauseated which results in your motion sickness worse.
  • Provide yourself enough water to avoid getting hydrated. Dehydration worsens the symptoms of your motion sickness.
  • Avoid any type of fizzy drinks.

Avoid sitting next to someone who is also have motion sickness

  • Having a person who also have motion sickness seated right next to you doesn’t help here. Hearing people talking about motion sickness or seeing someone throwing up will be the worst thing at the moment.

Do not read books

  • When travelling on a bus, to avoid car sick and vomiting, do not read books, especially kids.

Keep a healthy, happy mind

  • When you are stressed, you will get nauseated more easily. Therefore, before going on a trip, relax and avoid getting stressed.

Choose the right seat

  • If possible, choose the front seats or seats that are next to the doors. Nowadays, most sightseeing buses use air conditions which requires all the doors closed. The best solution is to have the tour guide agree to leave the door next to your seat ajar.

Try talking with your car seatmates.

  • If you have your friends with you on the trip, try conversing with them. Chit chatting will help you forget sitting in a bus. You can also bring along some snacks, an MP3, sing to yourself or play a game… for some distraction too.
  • Remember mental factor is really important because if you are pressed or pessimistic, you will more likely to get motion sickness.

Stay away from strong odors

  • Stay away from cigarette smoke, perfume or other smelly sources. You can open the doors to receive fresh air from the nature to make you feel better.

Use a face mask

  • It is very good for you. A face mask help

Prepare spare plastic bags

  • Brace yourself for the worst! Don’t forget to bring plastic bags just in case you feel like vomiting, especially when the car stops suddenly.

Choose another types of transportation

  • If you have severe motion sickness, consider alternative forms of transportation
  • Some people only experience motion sickness with some certain types of transports. Consider choosing types of transports that you feel most comfortable with. There are cars, trains, air planes…. for you to choose from.

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