Tips for Traveling with Kids

Travelling with your kids is really good for the family dynamic as a time for bonding and making wonderful memories. But it can also turn from a rewarding experience to a completely nightmare if you don’t plan things ahead.

In this article, we are going to introduce to you tips to a hassle-free vacation when travelling with your kids.


  1. Understanding

First things first, make sure you take your kids’ personalities, behaviors and ages into consideration. Involve your children in the planning and decision-making process if possible.

  1. Plan your route

Plan your schedule around the capacity of your youngest child and your ability to carry them, on a slow pace. Be aware of the weather, kids are particularly sensitive to weather so do some research before making the final decision.

  1. Book ahead


Whether it is a flight, hotel, rental car, tours…  Having everything ready for your trip at least for the first few nights not only it makes everything easier but also helps save money and energy. That way you can control your finances and  schedule better. If you’re not satisfied, you can always look for another place but in a more leisurely way.

4. Paperwork:

Always keep your paper work with you, check your passport. Scan your passports, along with other important documents: birth certificate, visa, adoption paper (if you have an adopted child)… and email them to yourself. This will save you plenty of time and hassle if you ever lose them.

  1. Things to pack

Medicines and supplies: Carry a small first aid kit, travelling is tiring, especially to kids. They can be out of routine, jet-lagged or have motion sickness, air sickness… or eat less healthily.

Water: You can buy water after clearing security (in the airport), children don’t drink unless they feel thirsty, keep an eye on them and ensure they won’t get dehydrated.

A baby carrier, hand-held carrycot or backpack: To carry when on the move if you have a little baby.

A camera: A robust one for your kids. It can encourage them to observe their surroundings. You might be surprised by their view.

Have a bag full of tricks: You will need toys, games, books, an iPod or an MP3…to placate your kids when they somehow lose their interests or when the flight is delayed (remember to leave toys that make noise at home) or to pass the time on a long light or car journey.

Clothes for the weather: Choose the comfortable clothing and make sure you dress them in the right size.

Avoid sweets: You don’t want your kids to end up having a sugar rush, right?

Put enough in your carry-on bags: Put diapers, breast milk and formula, baby food… if you’re travelling with a toddler. If your kids are older, brings snacks for them. Make sure your kids won’t be starved.

Even when you lost your bags, you still have these available.

Baby wipes(maybe some bottle of hand cleanser): You will need them for washing hands or cleaning stuff.

Plastic bags: They are very important, you might need them to carry leftovers, your dirty laundry or rubbish…

  1. Dress your kids in many layers.

That way you can pull on and take off a layer according to the weather.

  1. Don’t let the kids pack

Let the children do it if they insist but remember to edit this heavily before departure.

  1. Double check your schedule

It might be a flight or a bus schedule… Recheck the schedule 24 hours in advance to make sure nothing has changed. And remember to check the validity of your passports.

  1. Arrive early

Rushing to the airport is bad, but with crying kids wasn’t going to help.

  1. Take turns minding the kids

For example: when having meals, while travelling on plane or train… one will take care of the kids and one can have a break.

  1. Keep track of your kids

Write your number on your children’s arms in case they get lost, dye them bright colors so you can track them in large crowds. You can also buy child monitors and have your kids wear them while you carry the tracking devices.

  1. Deal with sickness

Taking in consideration all the possibilities that you might have dealt with.

A very common one when travelling is motion sickness, a sickness associated with travelling in a car, ship, plane or train. To treat it, you can  use Antihistamines, ginger supplements, or other ginger products…

You children might also get constipation due to dehydration or changes in diets, have them drink water and massage their tummies…

Above are 12 tips on travelling with kids that we would like to share you with about, hope it helps you have a better plan on your next family trip!

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