Top 10 Motorcycle Tattoos For Men

Looking for a tattoo that matches your motorcycle? This article suggests many types of tattoos that may inspire you to have one. Some tips are also included for your tattoo selection.

Even though you should have a reason for having a tattoo, the reason does not necessarily have to be deep and meaningful. In fact, the reason can be just your own liking or you think it’s a perfect match with your motor, or the tattoo may convey some meanings to you.

You simply like the image of the girl with the dragon tattoo motorcycle, you want to have a tattoo of that image, and that’s just good enough to be a reason. Whatever the reason is, as long as you are sure you want it, and you can have it, go ahead for a tattoo. In this article, I will include major types of tattoo that bikers will definitely fall for.


A tattoo or a T-shirt?

You may like the image of the girl with the dragon tattoo motorcycle. You can wear a T-shirt having that image, and you can take it off at the end of the day, put it back in your wardrobe until you feel like wearing it again. However, having a tattoo means you will stuck with it forever, unless you decide to delete it. We all know that removing a tattoo is not recommended because it costs you even higher than getting one and it causes you so much pain.

Be sure about your decision

A tattoo is a representation of yourself, so you are constantly being represented by the ink on your screen. And once you decided that it’s something that you truly want, I recommend to waiting for another couple of weeks. During that period, try to remind yourself every day that you want it. After the waiting time, if you can bear the look and the side of it, go ahead for it.

Tattoo suggestions

The motor itself

Have a sketch of your motor and represent it on your body. You can either have a rough or detailed sketch, a big or small sketch depends on your personal taste. Also, it does not necessarily your motor, if you feel like a certain type of motor, go for it. I myself would like to recommend the image of the girl with the dragon tattoo motorcycle. It’s not so hard to sketch, and it looks really nice.

You can choose different angles of the motor, whether a front look, side look or a look from the above. You can also choose to have the full motor as the tattoo or just a part of it. It depends again on your preference and the range of acceptability.

You with your motor

Show an epic picture of you with the motor and ask the tattoo artist to tattoo-ize it. It can also be the image of someone you love beside the tattoo. Make it as a color tattoo for a more vivid presentation.

Want some retro and classic look? A black and gray tattoo is definitely OK. Just make sure that the artist can draw the same image on your body. We don’t have any tattoo that we’re afraid to show because it is distorted.

Ghost Rider, Girl with the dragon tattoo motorcycle, anything related

He is a big hero for many bikers, a symbol of speed and epic driving. Having a Ghost Rider tattoo is definitely a good choice. It is always a good match with your motorcycle. There are also a lot of other movie-inspired tattoos that are related to motorcycle and speed that you can choose from: Mad Max, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Motorcycle, etc.

Quotes that inspire you

Many people think that a tattoo for biker must be some kind of large and epic images of the vehicle, when it fact it may be not. You can have a quote that inspires you to be the tattoo. It reminds you of your style, conception,… anything belongs to your egoism.

Minimalist tattoos

Again, minimalist tattoos will show you that not everything big is epic. Some small tattoos can adorn your body. They act as the embellishing points in the whole picture. Small tattoos also cause you less pain and less money. It furthermore has the sense of convenience of comfort for you, because if you work in some certain formal working environment, a large tattoo may not be a good choice.

Abstract tattoos

Abstract tattoos always have a sense of art. The more you look at it, the more you are inspired and get deeper into its beautiful illusion. Having an abstract tattoo can trigger others’ curiosity. People come at you and keep asking what it mean. Also, having a tattoo that is not very obvious to understand is great, it just keeps inspiring you and somehow gives you more energy.

Tips for aftercare

  • After having a tattoo, wait for at least 2 hours before washing it off.
  • To wash it off, you should use only warm soapy water on a clean cloth. Whatever you do, do not soak the tattoo, so you don’t have a bath or anything like that. Just gently wipe it off and let it dry for about 24 hours before making it wet again.
  • There are many aftercare products, and you can find what is best for you. It is always recommended to use the aftercare product. Getting tattooed opens your skin, it creates tiny holes on your skin to put ink in them.
  • The aftercare thus is good for your skin and makes your tattoo look good.
  • You should use clean towels and make sure your clothes are not going to irritate the tattoo. Also, do not pick the scabs, if you so that, you are picking the ink out of your skin. We know that getting a tattoo is not cheap, and I want to make sure that we protect our investment.
  • Moisturizing your skin makes the tattoo looks bright. It also maintains the longevity of your tattoos. It does not matter if you have a color tattoo or a black and gray tattoo, moisturizing your skin is always good.

If you are thinking out having a new tattoo, my suggestions should be the foundation for your tattoo selection. If you are already had one, and you don’t want any additional, I hope my aftercare tips are useful for you, Thank you for reading my article. Let me know if you want to contribute any tattoo idea or any aftercare tip.


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