Top 5 Features Of The Pathfinder Rochester NY

The Pathfinder is part of the series of sport utility vehicles manufactured by Nissan in the 1980s. It was initially marketed as the Nissan Terrano outside North America. But in 2004, new and improved models were created, which made the brand gain more international relevance.

As of now, the recent models of Nissan Pathfinder come with compelling upgraded features that make it a unique car of choice.

Here are the top five features you would notice in recent Pathfinders that can make it even more preferable to vehicles like the Honda Pilot, the Toyota Highlander, the Ford Explorer, and the GMC Acadia:

1. The Engine

The story of the international relevance of Pathfinder began in 2001 when it got a more modern engine. A 3.5-liter V-6 making 240 hp was introduced into the models of Pathfinder manufactured after that period. This improved the performance of the car significantly and solved the power problem that was a primary concern with Pathfinders before that time. 

The V6 engine can work well for a luxuriously built model of Pathfinder and other off-road rugged uses, making Pathfinder a very capable multipurpose car.

By 2010, the Pathfinder had entered a class of its own when it comes to engines. In fact, the Pathfinder even debuted in the Geneva Motor Show as a car of choice.

Presently you will come across the Pathfinder having any of these engines: the Nissan V9X engine, 3.0-liter V6 turbo-diesel producing 228 hp (170 kW), and 406 ft· lbf (550 Nm) at 1,750 to 2,500 rpm, while an upgraded YD25DDTi Turbo diesel producing 188 hp (140 kW) – up 19 hp (14 kW) is also available.

Some torques are increased by 35 ft· lbf (47 Nm) to 332 ft lbf (450 Nm) with some engines. V8 engines are also available as optional engines for Pathfinder models that require more power.

2. Fuel Consumption

Pathfinder models from 2012 thankfully come with excellent fuel economy that will make you go for miles without bothering about your fuel reserves.

This is because the Pathfinder produced from then on became significantly lighter in weight when compared with older versions with the Front Wheel Drive model weighing 4149 pounds, while the Four-Wheel Drive Pathfinder weighs 4290 pounds.

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3. The Exterior

Taking a look at the Pathfinder from the outside will make you fall in love with the confidence in agility displayed by its exterior look.

Nissan Pathfinder Exterior Dimensions are designed as a crossover SUV, which isn’t as big and bulky as its full-size cousins. Its overall length is just about 198.5 inches and a height of 70.2 inches.

It gives you the impression that it will be easy to maneuver, with its impressive turning radius of about 38.7 feet.

If you buy a more recent model, it will have a better-looking front and rear views that differentiate it from its predecessors in beauty. These changes have improved the appearance of the front bonnet, revised grille, and bumper assembly.

The manufacturers have added about 80 mm to the length of newer models with the bumper looking more rounded, giving it a sports car appearance.

The headlamps in recent designs projectors have Xenon lamps, coming along with headlamps washers, which shows up from beneath body-color molding in the bumpers.

When it comes to the tyres, it comes with an 18-inch wheel made of alloys(460 mm). There are also some types of Nissan Pathfinder with wheels of 16 inches made of both alloy and steel.

If you go for a V8 model of the Pathfinder, you will find side moldings across the doors. You would also see an attractive, discreet V8 badge on the front doors, just at the edge. What is not there to love about this immense beauty?

4. The Gear System

The Pathfinder uses a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) when it comes to gear transmissions. You will enjoy the ease with which the transfer happens when you take the car for a drive.

Manual versions use 8.4 L/100 km, an improvement of 1.4 L/100 km. In summary, when it comes to the gear system, you won’t have any worries!

5. The Interior

The interior of the Pathfinder is just eye-catching, and comes with a new premium audio system. It also has the navigation system of Nissan, and Nissan’s voice recognition system. The dashboard also has a screen for weather navigation that can allow you to know the weather forecast for your journey.

You will also find notable utility locations on the navigation screen like restaurant addresses, which come with a Bluetooth pairing system to stream audio and quite a large touchscreen monitor for special effects. The audio system makes you always want to play something when driving.

The navigation system makes it a car you would love to keep exploring, and the weather navigation features make sure you have an accurate weather report that will allow you to plan your drive.


Pathfinders are cars of the season; there are so many features to love about this car, such as the engine system, the interior and exterior, the gear system, and the fuel consumption. When you have all its features working in synergy, then the Pathfinder is worth every dime. It is the perfect car for everyday use for you and your family.

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