Top 7 Legendary Race Cars

If you are fond of cars and their speeds then you may want to know about the racing cars. Here are some legendary racing cars which were used in the past and they have created a history.

  1. Audi 200 Quattro


The Trans-Am racing which was held in 1988 the cars which were used had more displacements, more cylinders and more power. There was no chance for Audio 200 Quattro to win the race. However, the car was the most dominating car in the race.

It happened due to the fact that the other cars were just 2 wheel drives but the Audi was a 4 wheel drive which made a difference. The rules of the race were changed and the car was not allowed to race in 1989.

2. Ford GT 40


In Ferrari was winning the LeMans consistently for 6 years. Ford decided to go up against the Ferrari, though it was something which people though that it would not be possible and there were jokes all around. However, the Ford GT 40, when it competed against Ferrari, the result was surprising and the car managed to win the races for the next 4 years.

3. Lotus 79


It may sound funny to you at this time but the Formula 1 cars never used the features of ground effects. The Lotus 79 was the first car to take the advantage of ground effects. There were drastic changes made to the car’s aerodynamics but this is what resulted in great success. The car was unbeatable in 1978; the car was also the winner of the WCC for the year 1978.

4. McLaren MP4/4


When we see the list of dominating cars, we cannot forget to talk about McLaren MP4/4. The car was the most dominating car and it was almost unbeatable for the year 1988. The car participated in 16 races that year and out of them the car won 15 races. The car also won the constructors championship for the year 1988.

5. Porsche 917


The Porsche 917 faced a lot of challenges in the year when it was launched but then later the faults were eliminated. The results of the workout were amazing as the car was capable to achieve the speed as high as 240 mph. The car was also used in 1971 in the movie LeMans.

6. Porsche 962


In the 1980’s the car was one of the most successful cars and it was used by the factory teams as well as some private teams were also using the Porsche 962. It won the 1985 and the 1986 championships of World Sportscar. It also won the 24 hours LeMans championship for the year 1986 and 1987. The car was modified and it has successfully won the 1994 24 hours LeMans championship.

7. Mazda 787B

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Mazda has always been famous due to its use of the rotary engines. The car was the most reliable car but it was the slowest in the competition. In 1991, the Mazda 787B won its first race in the 24 hours LeMans, it was the first Japanese car to win the LeMans. It also made the record of being the only rotary engine car to win the race.  

Le Mans winner Johnny Herbert reunited with the screaming Mazda 787B

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