A Traveler’s Guide to Taking a Smartphone Abroad

Today, along with the trend of economic development, many tourists have been selected t foreigners are the familiar tourist destination on holidays. However, just because there is so much to learn in advance which users when traveling abroad to return to confusing, frustrating when it takes more money to pay for the network as carefree mobile phone use abroad out.

Such cases, so many people are now traveling all decisions phone was switched off because of a fear of invisible named … charges. Resulting in a lot of situations when national ones have something important could not be reached. Therefore, today we would like to share with readers some experience to be able to keep in touch with loved ones while overseas but not to pay too much money.

6 Tips ‘Roaming’ For Saving While You Travel Abroad


International roaming (roaming) is an indispensable service to many people while working abroad, tourism … But hard to control the use of that many subscribers “chagrin” at checkout.

Here are 6 tips to help subscribers roaming sparingly and easy to control the cost:

1.Understand How Network Roaming Charges

You are a subscriber of the network; they must learn how to network roaming charges. Typically, roaming fees while abroad is calculated by the formula: international roaming charges in the host country + Surcharge of networks you are subscribed + other charges (to be specified by the competent bodies of water where you came).

From that formula, you can find out roaming fees in the country coming and matching networks and an estimated amount of roaming and control them. However, this is quite complicated, because in every country you go to so many different networks.

For simplicity, some specified network into groups of different countries, each group rates. Each carrier has a different rate, using different mobile data. So you need to learn skills and then decided prices choose them.

Also, many mobile carriers also provide automatic alerts (free) Roaming Data of capacity used during the day. Specifically, customers will be reminded each time using excess capacity 5Mb or 10Mb.

2.Turn Off Automatic Network Selection Mode


With roaming services, in addition to voice calls, SMS higher price is used in the country (especially telephone calls), data roaming charges are also very expensive, access 1Mb capacity, the customer had to pay a few ten dollars.

Meanwhile, the cause unwanted charges incurred by many is: surf the web, play games, listen to music online, but make sure that you have downloaded it. Not to mention, with registered machines 3G, GPRS, Wifi after the loss, the phone automatically uses the carrier wave for making Internet access more difficult to control subscriber. Therefore, take the initiative to the network off automatic mode and only switched on when needed.

However, if you sign up to use data roaming services are not limited to network operators in some countries, territories, the online 24/24 no longer a problem and did not worry about the network must lock mode automatically (see also below)

3.Beware Of Incoming Calls

Once in the water, you can comfortably receive calls because callers pay but roaming abroad, you have to pay to listen to power. By connecting difficult international calls and more expensive, mandatory paid help both parties brief conversation and practical, to avoid “long call on long distance calls.”

However, restrictions are now, in some places, at some point, the call came from countries that are not currently caller number and name, making it difficult to decide whether to choose electric or not listening.

4.Using Data Roaming Services Are Not Limited To


As noted above, only 1Mb data roaming, the subscriber has to pay several tens of dollars, while the control and “measured gang” each Mb capacity is not easy as the minutes counted voice, messaging, especially with who need to transmit. Download data exchange unremitting work when traveling on business or are using online services. This is the reason why many who spend up to a few dozen million due to roaming charges after a business trip.

To control the data roaming charges, you should choose the service’s unlimited service network. For example, as with specific roaming package (for paid subscribers), you can enjoy on the network, send mail, read news, chat … and use that space comfortable maximum cost only $ 10 per day, no more worry about data charges arising again.

Also, if you save the data spend less than it charges, your subscription is still charged as a flow. This service is currently being expanded in some countries, in Asia: Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. You can learn about the service level that supports in a country where you plan to travel or not.

5.Using Public Telephone Cards


Public telephone cards are also popular. But you remember it clear as to buy international calling cards – China called IC card, other countries called the International card – card purchase. Normally international calling cards are yellow and barrel international phone call by convention also painted yellow. If you buy the wrong local card, you will not be able to make international calls but can not pay the card back to the seller. Note that some cards versatile medium that can be called from the Internet has been able to call from landline or mobile. Our prices may be low, but call quality is pretty good. Quite a long time, about 300/200 minutes / calling card for internet / mobile. For example, Smart Cards (in Korean).

6.Using SIM of abroad countries


Currently, tourists tend to buy SIM favor of the host country to be proactive in listening and calling dial. With some countries, you can buy SIM comfortable but also water regulations foreigners who want to buy SIM passports are required. Often the available SIM an amount sufficient for you to make local calls, but because you buy an SIM to call your country, you have to recharge (Malaysia and Singapore called Top-up).

Which sells SIM or SIM will enable you to recharge if required. In case you want to activate the SIM is not very difficult: how to enable widespread in the country that you call a phone number any of that country (most convenient phone numbers of companies selling SIM). This first call will be used only to activate the SIM so you will not be charged and will not be contacted (manipulating the steps exactly as directed SIM card printed on the back).

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