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Best 6 Underwater Scooter Models

Underwater scooters are used in various applications to help scuba divers gain more range and speed while they are exploring the ocean.

These scooters can be used as a recreational vehicle for divers who want to have more fun underwater. They are also used in the military to assist soldiers in various missions and in scientific applications to help marine experts maneuver throughout the sea faster and easier.

If you are interested in buying an underwater scooter, there are several models and brands out there for you to choose from.

We have put together a list of what we think are the very best underwater scooter models to help you narrow down your search. And if this is your first time buying a diving propulsion vehicle, be sure to check out our helpful buyer’s guide before you make a purchase.

What is an Underwater Scooter?

underwater scooter models

An underwater scooter is a type of diving equipment that scuba divers use to improve their range while exploring underwater.

The diver’s range, or speed, can often become restricted due to the breathing gas they must have with them and the rate that it is consumed.

Underwater scooters are used in recreational, scientific, and military applications.

They are also commonly referred to as a DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle), Underwater Propulsion Vehicle, or a Swimmer Delivery Vehicle or SDV.

These scooters are available in a broad range of sizes from small and easily portable for recreational purposes to larger enclosed units that can carry multiple divers for a long distance.

The earliest known use of an underwater scooter was during WWII and it was used for military purposes. At that time, the DPV was designed based on the current technology used for torpedoes.

The 6 Best Underwater Scooter Models on the Market

Tusa SAV-7 EVO2

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The Tusa SAC-7 EVO2 is the ideal underwater scooter for recreational fun and even some professional use. It is preferred by those who use it for underwater fishing such as spearfishing, and it is also a good choice for those who like underwater photography.

The maximum depth for this DPV is 230 feet, and the run time on a fully charged battery is 120 minutes. It has a buoyancy of -8 oz. and a maximum speed of 2.8 mph.

This DPV can easily pull two divers at once. It features a 3 speed propeller, is very reliable, and can be used “hands-free” which allows the user to take stunning photos underwater.

Tusa SAV-7 EVO

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The Tusa SAV-7 EVO is the perfect choice for recreational use and professional underwater activities. It is a good scooter for those who enjoy underwater photography and videography. The maximum depth for this machine is 230 feet and the run time on a fully charged battery is 80 minutes. This DPV has neutral buoyancy and operates on a maximum speed of 2.6 mph.

The Tusa SAV-7 EVO is capable of pulling two divers at once. It features a three-speed propeller and the user may ride the scooter hands-free.

sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter Dual Motors

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The sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter Dual Motors is the ideal underwater scooter for recreational divers because it is built for speed. This DPV can reach a maximum depth of 40M.

It has a run time of 30 minutes on a fully charged battery, and a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s which is quite great for an underwater scooter.

The sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter Dual Motors is travel approved. It weighs just ‎10 Pounds. and comes with a 11000hAm battery.

WINDEK SUBLUE WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter

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The WINDEK SUBLUE WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter is the ideal underwater scooter for the traveling scuba diver. It is capable of reaching a maximum depth of 131 feet and has a run time of 60 minutes on a fully charged battery. This scooter has a maximum speed of 2.68 mph and neutral buoyancy.

It is one of the lightweight DPV models weighing only 7.72 lbs. This makes it a great scooter to take along on trips to the ocean.

Sea Doo-SD15001-RS1

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The Sea Doo-SD15001-RS1 is the perfect underwater scooter to use for speed and recreational diving. It has a maximum depth of 130 feet and a total run time of 90 minutes on a fully charged battery. This DPV has a maximum speed higher than any other on the list at 3.7 mph. It also has a neutral buoyancy.

The Sea Doo SD15001-RS1 includes a GoPro mount and has an ergonomic design. It is lightweight which makes it a good choice if you have to carry it a long distance to the shore.

XLAB Torpedo Versa 500

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The XLAB Torpedo Versa 500 is an affordable option for those who want an underwater scooter for recreational use. This model is the best value for the money. It has a total maximum depth rating of 150 feet and a total run time of 55 minutes when operating on a full battery. The buoyancy for this DPV is 2 lbs. and its maximum speed is 2.5 mph.

The XLAB Torpedo Versa 500 has a slimline design that makes it easy to carry and transport. It also features a shrouded propeller for added safety.

This DPV may have a much shorter run time than the other underwater scooters on the list. But it is a good choice for anyone who wants to give this type of diving activity a try. Just be sure to not take it too far from shore at first.

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing an Underwater Scooter

underwater scooter models

There are several factors to consider when you are buying a new underwater scooter.

Whether you are purchasing a DPV for the very first time or if you are buying a replacement model for your older vehicle that is outdated, this buyer’s guide will help remind you of the key factors to look for when browsing the current selection of underwater scooter models.

What Will You Use the Underwater Scooter For?

The main thing that you want to keep in mind when buying and underwater scooter is what you will be using it for.

Think about the primary purpose for your DPV, are you using it strictly for recreational purposes or will you also be using it for researching the ocean?

If your job requires you to use a DPV for research or exploring, you can still use your DPV for the occasional snorkeling adventure.

There are plenty of models that are suitable for both.

But to get the best underwater scooter to meet your needs, you must think about what you will be using the vehicle for the most.

Price Range – Don’t Pay Too Much for a Recreational DPV

If you are just planning to use your underwater scooter for snorkeling and general recreational use, you can purchase one of the affordable models that don’t have all the high-tech features the professionals would use.

But if you plan to use your DPV for serious diving so that you can explore caves or perform technical tasks, you will have to pay more for your DPV and those additional features.

Underwater scooters cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousands. And in most cases, you get what you pay for when buying one of these vehicles. The higher-end range of scooters include features like excellent run time that is typically up to 4 hours long and a maximum depth rating of 600 feet.

If you want to buy a DPV strictly for recreational use, you won’t need to buy a top-of-the-line model for several grand.

However, it is important to have a safe and reliable underwater scooter, regardless of why you are using it.

If you buy an affordable DPV that has a short battery life, it could potentially put you in danger if the battery goes dead too soon or if it is taken below the maximum depth rating.

Therefore, buying a scooter that is at least within the mid-range based on the price wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Look into the Battery Life

underwater scooter models

Another factor to consider when you are buying an underwater scooter is the type of conditions you plan to dive into.

Remember that a strong water current or flow will use up your battery twice as much as diving in calmer waters. So you will want to find a scooter with a good battery life if you plan to dive into unsettled waters.

The batteries installed in underwater scooters can provide you with a range of power. Most will also have gears that allow you to change your speed while underwater. DPVs that operate on Lithium batteries and large propellers will often last much longer than those that use other types of batteries or do not have a propeller. The power output on a scooter could range from several hundred watts to several kilowatts.

You should also be aware of the vehicle’s run time.

Some will only run for 30 minutes at a time, which is usually fine for recreational use. However, most divers prefer to have much more time. You don’t want to end up with a dead battery while you are too far away from shore. So having a long battery life can be lifesaving in some circumstances.

Factors that will affect your underwater scooter’s battery life include how much speed you used while diving and the amount of power that was used.

The Maximum Depth

Before you buy a new underwater scooter, you should find out about it’s maximum depth. This is a key factor to think about when buying any type of DPV.

The maximum depth rating will also help you determine the overall quality of the vehicle. If a DPV has a high depth rating, it’s likely that it is a very high quality machine and designed to withstand this type of use.

If a DPV has a low depth rating such as 15 feet or lower, you know that it is a lower-quality underwater scooter.

If you are interested in buying a product that will last for years to come and one that is very reliable, you may want to purchase an underwater scooter that has a high depth rating, even if you don’t plan to dive that deep, simply because you know that it will be a better quality scooter.

Buoyancy Control

When you are scuba diving, it is a well-known fact that anything you carry or have attached to you will have an affect on your buoyancy. That includes your gear and your underwater scooter.

The more buoyancy you have, the more difficult it will be to control the scooter and get to the depths you want to reach.

Most mid-to-high quality scooters will have buoyancy controls that can help you take control of this issue.

If you purchase an underwater scooter that doesn’t have these controls and you experience high buoyancy, you may have to make some adjustments to your gear to decrease the weight you are carrying.

The Weight of the DPV

The weight of your scooter will affect how you dive and how far down you are able to explore.

Plus, there is the fact that you will have to carry your underwater scooter around with you on land along with all your other scuba gear. Keep that in mind while you are shopping around for a new DPV.

If you plan to travel with your scooter, you will want to purchase a lightweight model that is easier to transport.

Which Underwater Scooter is the Best Choice for You?

Underwater scooters are available in many different models from a variety of brands. They are designed to help you navigate the ocean easier and with more speed.

You can take pictures underwater or record a video of your diving experience using these convenient vehicles.

It’s important that you pay attention to the factors when buying a new underwater scooter so that you purchase one that is safe and reliable.

When it comes to durability, you often get what you paid for with these machines. Therefore, you should expect to pay a little extra if you are hoping to buy a good quality DPV.

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