Valuable Lesson About a Car Crash: The Generous Driver

A friendly motorist has to give money to a poor person, rather than compensation for damage caused by it after seeing a bag of rice of the motorcycle rider was thrown to the streets


Instead of compensatory damages to the damages after traffic collisions do not want to have. Motorist was giving money to the poor man. This generous man named Sayd Omar Morales Akmad, after the accident he saw a bag of rice crashed splashed below. He understood that it is the biggest asset in this day of that poor man; he did not want the family of the poor man riding a motorcycle that takes food today.

As a careful motorist, Akmad always try to make sure never collision or accident by violating any traffic laws. Although every time he drove very carefully, but that day, his car had been hit parts by a motorcycle rider.

After traffic accident occurs, Akmad willing to compensate the damage to the motorcycle riders a fee, because he thinks that car anyway valuables than a motorcycle. Is that, Akmad learned and know that the machine driver that is a poor fisherman, bags of rice for which the fishermen of food that carries his family today.


After a traffic accident occurs, a lot of rice falling scattered across the street, most of them cannot be reused. But the poor fishermen who were not able to bargain for compensation fee of the accident, because he had fallen ill from shock.

Akmad think, he is so lucky to not suffer like the other poor man. So he moved and decided not to adjudicate the winning accidents, and traffic enforcer told that he will be compensated for any damage due to accident

Then, all of them very surprised about Akmad. He gave money to the poor fishermen to he could buy food for his family. Fishermen, who were shocked and very touched, thank Akmad about generosity, generous and kind-hearted as he is, fishermen will not argue or claim for damages of any kind anymore.

In Akmad mind, he always remembered that his grandmother and his father taught: the generosity of a man is always the best thing. Let’s help the needy with the help of her, let that bring love, the respect of the people will for you. It is what you should do with people.

Akmad Omar Morales, although the victims had been scattered but his generosity did for people to really think and this story is a valuable lesson for us to learn from.

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