What are the causes of a motorcycle accident?

As many experiences have shown that motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die than passengers on cars. There are many challenges and dangers that motorcyclists have to face being on the road. As there is no protection around a motorbike, so when they collide they undergo more injuries and deaths. They are five times more likely to get injured than other vehicles.

But most of the people prefer to travel on a motorbike because of its economy, freedom of traveling, and many other factors. you should be aware of safety first and you should keep in mind both factors that are safety and adventure. I must suggest you get safety motorcycle gears like leather jackets, gloves, etc. which you can get from the Viking cycle at a wonderful price.

 Causes of accidents 

There are certain causes of motorcycle accidents, today I will mention some of them

  1. Changing lane unsafely

Spitting of the lane or changing lane is prohibited in north and south California. But in many states, it is allowed to change the lane due to several reasons. So a big cause of motorcycle road accidents can be due to changing lanes unsafely. When other vehicles like cars and buses change their lanes by not giving signals, or during checking of blind spots motorcyclists are at high risk of getting injured. 

If a motorcyclist is riding in a dangerous position as a car or buses are changing their lanes frequently then a biker should slow down or speed up and should move at a position that is safe. This approach prevents bikers from colliding. 

As there are other bikers on the road so any sudden action due to panic or confusion may also lead to a collision.so due to the fault of incompetent driving of one driver, other riders may get injured.

So every driver should be very careful when changing lanes. Besides that before hitting the road must get comfortable riding outfits from the Viking cycle and enjoy your ride.

  1. Accident due to over speeding

Over speeding is explained as, the greater speed is, the greater will be the collision and harsher the consequences will be. Riding a bike beyond its speed limits will lose the control of a biker. So over speeding is the main cause of motorbike accidents. Over speeding can also give you less chance of looking and then reacting according to the position of other vehicles leading to more chances of collision.so It is important for the riders to follow the traffic rules. 

  1. The sudden stop of a vehicle

The sudden stop of a vehicle or very little gap maintained between two vehicles will result in a collision. This could also cause sudden death or swear injury for a motorcyclist. So try to maintain an appropriate gap on signals and during driving.

  1. Drivers who are not much experienced

The riders who are not much experienced, who don’t know about the speed limits, traffic rules, or other riding SOPs put the lives of other drivers in danger. So this is also one of the main reasons for road accidents which occurs due to non-experienced drivers.

  1. Accident due to left turn

When there is less visibility and less clearance about the distance motorcyclists take a left turn which is a common cause of the collision.so you have to be very attentive while making a left turn, maintain a reasonable distance, and give the left side signal before making a left turn. 

  1. Defected motorbike

Many road accidents on bikes occur due to defects in the bike. The manufactures have not properly worked on alignment, design, or have equipped it poorly with defected parts. This can be liable for injuries and deaths. 

  1. Accident due to road condition

Debris, potholes, slippery or greasy roads, wet leaves on road; these all factors are also included in injuries and road accidents. A motorcyclist can easily lose his/her control due to all these factors. 

 Safety measures

So, road accidents can be a serious cause of bone, spinal cord, and brain injury. These conditions can change the whole life of a person and treatment can be long-lasting in which you have to spend a hundred and thousands of dollars. So you have to be very much careful and attentive while riding a motorbike, you should follow the driving rules, must not over speed and have to be very much attentive while changing lanes.  

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