What are the safest motorbike clothing and how can you increase storage capacity of bikes?

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As we come to motorbike tours, protection comes first. Before hitting the road you have to think about your protection first. Protection comes from selecting suitable safety gears. Like helmets, gloves, boots and suits. And you have to be sure that these pieces will be comfortable and protective enough. If you are wearing the right gears it can make the difference between a few sores, bruises and long lasting injuries.because riding gears are the only thing between you and the road. Today I will tell you about protective bike gears and how you can increase the capacity of a motorbike while travelling. I recommend you buy a durable motorbike bag from viking bag.

  1. Helmet 

Motorcyclists have safety gears one of the important pieces of equipment is a helmet. Helmet protects from the serious injuries of the brain and gives protection against face injuries. Helmet gives protection to the outer layer of your brain and protects his/her eyes, nose, forehead and ears. Motorcycles helmets reduce the risk of death to 37 percent and head injuries to 69 percent.

  1. Jackets

Other protective gear is a jacket. Jackets are made up of leather or synthetic material or combination of both. Try to get a jacket which has full sleeves. It also protects a rider from June bugs or any other insect bite. 

  1. Gloves

80 percent of motorcycles are controlled through hands. Motorcycle gloves serve many purposes including keeping your hands in good condition. Gloves also help to have a grip on handlebar. They are made up of leather or synthetic material. They should be comfortable and should give you proper fit while riding.

  1. Riding pants

Riding pants should be made up of comfortable material and should give you enough ventilation. They keep you safe in a variety of conditions.

  1. Eye protection and ear plugs

Eye protection not only protects the eye from tears but it also protects your eyes from dust, dirt, bugs and other debris. Similarly earplugs help you against noise pollution, noise pollution can be of wind and of air when riding  on high speed. And your hearing can be damaged after your continuous exposure in noise pollution. 

  1. Riding boots

For the motorcycle tour riding boots also have their importance for protection against accidents. Don’t underestimate the importance of fixing your feet on pegs and protecting your shins against pebbles.

   How to increase storage capacity while you are on motorbike trip

   There are several ways you can increase storage capacity of luggage while you are traveling. Most of the bikers carry their accessories and gadgets which make their travelling super comfortable. 

  1. Backpacks

It is a simple frameless form which has two straps on the side which goes over the shoulder. Experience has shown that pack bags give protection against your back. Many motorcycle backpack bags are designed in such a way that they can carry motorcycle helmets also. They are easy to use and are highly functional. You must get super comfortable backpacks from vicking bags at reasonable price

  1. Tail and tank bags

Motorcycle tank bags or tail bags are a rounded accessory that helps you to carry essential stuff at the back of your bike when you are going on a long journey. They are made up of such a material that is waterproof, soft and durable.

  1. Saddle bags

Saddle bags are made up of leather to provide durability. But you can’t check the durability of the bag unless and until you don’t place your luggage in it. Saddle bags come in different forms and sizes. But the challenge is how you fix your saddle bag on your motorbike. 

  1. Handlebar bag

Handlebar bags are light weighted bags. They are made up of water proof material and can attach easily to the bar handles. You can also place your phone, passport and other important documents in it.

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