What Does Double Din Head Unit And Single Din Head Unit Mean?

Depending on your car, there may be two types of head unit possible for installation. A single DIN and a double DIN car stereo is commercially available for every respective car.

The performance is still the same overall between the two type, and they only differ in installation size specifications.

DIN refers to Deutsches Institut für Normung, a German organization who constructed the standard in car head unit that is still available currently.

Single DIN can also be called as DIN 75490 with a standard dimension of 180 mm long and 50 mm tall when viewed in front.


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This standard is adopted by the International Standards Organization and called it ISO 7736 which is being used today by different brands of car makers worldwide.

However, conventional mindset of people tend it to call as DIN car head unit because of the Deutsches Institut für Normun, the pioneer in car head unit standardization.

Even though this is being used as the standard reference for car head unit, different variants also arises from it.

One variant of this standard is called the double DIN because the size of it is like two stacked single DIN car head unit.

With that, a double DIN has a standard size of still, 180 mm in length but with 100 mm in height.

Source Image: http://kenwood.com

The DIN 75490 or ISO 7736 standard did not specify a depth size for car head units to have. Depth is also important and most head units sold are sized according to modern cars.

There are still some exceptions from where you can choose from if you have older car. To figure out if your car have double DIN or single DIN, measure the height of the car head unit socket.

If the height is 50 mm or roughly 2 inches, then you have a single DIN. If the height is 100 mm or 4 inches, then you have a double DIN.

Double DIN proposes more flexibility than a single DIN. A single DIN can only be mounted by a single DIN car head unit due to size restrictions.

Meanwhile, in a double DIN, you can mount double DIN car head unit and also with the right bracket, you can also mount a single DIN radio.

The ample space can give you the possibility of installing another equipment other than a car head unit like a graphic equalizer and CD changer.

But the main benefit of the double DIN car head unit is in the display. Given double the height, it can secure more space for the display unlike the singe DIN car head unit.

Touch screen head units are mostly available in double DIN and also the best video head units. However, some single DIN car head unit features flip-out touch screens, so between the two it comes to personal preference.

Double din head unit with touchscreen

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Because of this, single DIN comes in more cheaper than double DIN car head units. Since double DIN car head units feature more specifications like video capabilities and GPS, double DIN car head units tend to have double the price than single DIN car head units.

If you are looking for a cheaper way to get your car head unit, you can go to single DIN car head units even if your car have double DIN size.

If you are going for aesthetic purposes without minding the cost, a double DIN car head unit can be of great use due to its large display and controls.

It will look good in the dash of the vehicle that have double DIN size specification. Also, larger display tend to have wider range of settings and capabilities for you.

Double DIN car head units also advertise a wide range of features including Bluetooth integration and smart phone app synchronization. Other brands have built-in dual USB perfect for on the go people.

Compare double din head unit and single din head unit

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Choosing car head unit between single DIN and double DIN boils down to personal preference. The performance is still the same between the two specifications and the other one only add some certain features without defeating the purpose of being a car stereo.

If you want more features than the other, you can expect to have a double DIN car head unit, but also be ready for the cost.

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