What Is A Café Racer And How To Choose One?

Have you ever heard of a café racer?

If you have not, you are in my position about a month ago. That was when I wanted to buy a new motorbike and absolutely did not know which one to choose. And it is such a shortcoming not to mention about it after spending quite a lot of time searching.

It will be a perfect motorbike for you if you desire for speed. In this article today, I will answer the question “what is a café racer ?” and also show you how to choose the most appropriate one for you. I hope you will be able to get the most suitable product after reading.

What is a café racer?

It is fundamentally a light motorcycle with a reliable engine which aims at optimizing the speed and controlling. Its outlook is usually classical and reminds you of the race bikes in the 1960s or 1970s. That was what impressed me most at the first time I saw this type of bike. If you saw some pictures of the Grand Prix motorcycles over 50 years ago, you would definitely have the same feeling as mine.

Moreover, the name “café racer” is originally from the subculture of British “The Rocker,” or more known as “Ton-up Boys” at the early times of the 1960s. The most distinctive feature about this group was that its members were enthusiastic drivers and usually had short rides between transport cafés. I think how a small culture like that evolved into a whole type with many motorbikes, which lasted for half of a century, was a significant development. If you want more information about a café racer history, this article could help

How to choose a café racer?

There are some basic criteria you should follow to have the best café racer ever.

1. Age

Don’t misunderstand because this is not your age. It’s the age of your café racer. You would want to consider whether to buy a classic or a modern one due to some differences in their requirements and uses.

  • Classic café racers

These include motorcycles built about 30 years ago or newly constructed but follow classic style. They look absolutely great and gorgeous with very light weight and reasonable price. My friend has a Triumph Bonneville T120, which used to be his father’s and it always feels so fantastic when riding.

However, despite the incredible outlook, fixing it when it gets broken is a huge challenge. Because it uses old spare parts and brakes, the entire time to find the right ones is often a couple of months. Besides, some maintenance needs to be made every month and requires the rider to have an excellent mechanical knowledge.

For example, the most important parts are the vault clearance, carburetor, contact breaker, and spark timing. Due to the expensive maintenance fee in most garages, if you don’t have any prior skills or good abilities in mechanics, you will lose quite much money. That is why people usually say classic café racers are not for everyone.

And because it is more likely for short-distance run, so consider your circumstance carefully before choosing it. It may be your closest companion for a long time.

  • Modern café racers

Perhaps, you already know some of the famous modern ones, such as BMW R, Yamaha SR, or Kawasaki W650. If you ever ride one, you will see how convenient it is. Long-distance driveways, no funny and numb brakes, and no special requirements on prior knowledge and skills are some terrific things you can get when having a modern café racer. Furthermore, if they are broken, you can run to any garage and fix it with very low price and cheaper expense on spare parts than the classics.

Nevertheless, some of the unique and fantastic features could be lost, such as light weight or easy-structured engines. And although you will look like a professional racer when riding, it could hardly be of the stuff that our grandfather and fathers were made of.

If you want something to run in long ways (road trips or racing to the top of a mountain), a modern café racer is more suitable for you.

2. Engine

Choosing the motor is vital because it plays an essential part in creating your riding experiences. Some engines make terrible noises, have heavyweight or even are in unstable situations. Above all, these are primary ones you need to know to make the best choice.

This type usually runs from 125 to 350 cc. Inline-four engines are the most common ones for the size. It’s called four engines because there are often four cylinders lining up with one another. They are very noticeable, so you will see them right when it appears in front of you. If you only run on the roads in the countryside or the main street, this engine is just perfect. The only minus point is that its noise is loud and not so favorable. Therefore, consider the driveway and the speed you would like to have to have the optimal option.

  • Medium-sized engines

You will experience a bigger cc than the previous one, which ranges from 350 to 750. You can find some of the four or two engines for this type. If the roads you run are often motorways or main roads, this is what I would recommend. The noise is pleasant; the ride is smooth with no vibration, and the speed can reach to 120 km/h. New riders will also find the engine more predictable and stable than the small ones and the motorbike easier to ride. Those are the most beautiful things about a medium-sized driving force.

  • Large-sized engines

This last type is for anyone amorous adventures and high speed because it ranges from 750 ccs to infinity. You can find it in any form, whether it is four or two cylinders. It can create the highest speed among the three engines, which is about 150 to 200 km/h. I think it is not only a perfect one, but it also selects riders because not everyone can control that type of speed. In my opinion, if you tend to be a racer, this is the one for you.

3. Some other crucial factors

The place you live: Does where you live have motorways or only car ways? Minor or dense residents? Mostly young or old people? You probably don’t want to pick a quarrel with the authority because of the noises or excessive speed, do you?

Your ability to pay: The café racers vary in many types, brands, and prices. Considering the total expense you can pay is also one of the most important factors.

Insurance expenses: Insuring a motorcycle like a café racer could take tons of your money if you don’t fully understand the terms. Here are some secrets that you need to know: http://caferacertv.com/tips-for-insuring-your-cafe-racer


Have you decided which café racer is the best for you?

I believe you will discover the perfect one not for long. It’s so glad that I could share some of my useful knowledge to you. If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to comment. I will answer you as soon as I can. And share this article with everyone if you like it. Knowledge is to share, not to keep, right?

And in my last words, I would like to thank you for reading until the end of this writing, and I hope to see you in my subsequent ones. Goodbye.


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