Are you having troubles choosing your car stereo? Since 1930, when Paul Galvin, Joseph Galvin, and William Lear, three of the most creative men in the world, created the very first automobile radio for a dashboard, it had made tons of remarkable developments.

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A stereo system has become an essential part of a car, and there are so many types as well as brands in the market nowadays. That explains why you find it hard to choose.I used to have the precise issue. And it got even worse when I had no idea about what the necessary criteria for car stereo are or which brands are the best of all.

After about two weeks of visiting some sites and asking for some experts’ opinions, I finally could buy me an excellent car stereo system. So in this article today, I would love to share with you all of the information I got and also tell you how I answered the question: What kind of car stereo should I get?

The Most Common Types

There are two types of car stereos that you can find almost anywhere: Round dial car stereo and Touchscreen. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them now!

1. Round dial car stereo system


This is the original type, which has been popular until now, even when the inductive technology is developing everywhere.


  • Convenient round dials: Those dials and buttons that this type of system has are very easy to use in plenty circumstances. Once you are used to them, you would not even have to look at them while adjusting the volume or change the songs. I tried using them at the store and had to admit that they were very smooth and sensitive.
  • Ideal for listening to the radio: I am confident that no other types can do it better than this one. When I tested the products from quite many brands, the signal was caught quickly within less than a second, and the sound was also dazzling and lively. I have a habit of listening to news and traffic hot reports on the radio as well. So this feature made me excited.


  • Some recent difficulties: When I first tried several buttons, I had quite many troubles remembering their functions. It took about 5 minutes for me to get used to everything. And when I memorized them, it was not so messy after all. If you choose this type of car stereo, perhaps, it will be your problem too.
  • Does not support some music program: What disappointed me most was that some systems were not compatible with music programs, such as Pandora or FLAC, though they were very popular. And this function played a relatively crucial role in my choosing stereo because I loved music and had massive times using Pandora per day. So if you love listening to music in your car just like me, I think you would have to consider in a careful way.

In my opinion, this type of car stereo is best appropriate for whoever likes listening to the radio and a simple as well as classic look for their vehicle.

2. Touch screen car stereo

Since the inductive technology was successfully introduced, this type of product started becoming more familiar.


  • A massive display: To my point of view, this is the most convenient feature of this product. It would be nice if you make this a gift to your father or mother, whose eyes are not as good as we are anymore. The buttons can be easily touched, and their functions are written clearly, so you will no longer have to strain your eyes to make adjustments.
  • Connected by Bluetooth: Unlike dial car stereo, all of the touch screen ones use Bluetooth to stay connected. And one unique feature that only this type of product can do is to receive phone calls. Just imagine one day, your phone rings while you’re driving, which is quite important, and you don’t want to miss this call. But unfortunately, your hands are full. What are you going to do? If you have this type of stereo, the problem becomes much simpler because its Bluetooth will help you have a conversation without even touching your phone. It’s quite amazing, isn’t
  • A backup camera: I usually find it annoying to move the car backward while parking. It takes quite a lot of techniques of looking at the mirrors, and it seems that I don’t do it well. After trying the camera from this touch screen, my worries about parking came undone. I felt much more confident thanks to it. I think it would be very helpful for you as well if you have the same trouble as mine.


  • Induction does not work sometimes: This is a minus problem to me. Nevertheless, to some punctilious people, it might irritate them. All you have to do is to press the button some more times, and it will work. Don’t be upset.

So these are some of my experiences in choosing a car stereo. And in case you meet some difficulties while setting up, I have prepared a tutorial video for you. Just watch it, and you will know the easiest way to run the system:


After two weeks of looking for information, I decided to choose Kenwood 7 inch Double Din Bluetooth Touchscreen Car Stereo. My purpose is to listen to news and music, and it’s convenient, so I think that was the best choice for me.

I have so many other tips to share with you; therefore, maybe I will have an article about the most criteria to choose an amplifier next time. For now, do comment if you have anything to ask or just want to share your opinions. I would love to read and reply to you.Lastly, I hope you would make the wisest decision after this article.

Thank you for reading and see you in my subsequent writings. Goodbye


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