In My Opinion, There Are Some Rriteria To Assess Which One Is The Best Road Trip:

The Best Road Trips in the USA - Margaritaville Channel

  • Water
  • Superb mountains
  • Magnificent natural features
  • Foliage in each season
  • Ancient houses and buildings
  • And the fun you have while driving

So these are road trips that make me feel so memorable basing on criteria above:

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1. Overseas Highway, Floria

The part from Key Largo through Islamorada to the terminus of Route 1 in Key West is utterly gorgeous. You will frequently see and be right next to the turquoise sea. Numerous films were shot here.

2. Pacific Coase Highway – Route 1

This is much longer than 123 official miles of Pacific Coast Highway. While driving, you will be able to see mudslides, sharp turns, and detours. Be careful with them. There is a less than 17-mile drive going across California’s Monterey Peninsula from Pacific Grove to Carmel, and passing through the Pebble Beach golf community. Don’t miss!

3. Route 12, Utah

This is one of the most impressive roads in the world. The road lasts 124 miles at 9,000 feet altitudes and goes through forested mountains to the fantastic bald mountains in Boulder.

You should have lunch or dinner at the Hells Backbone Grill, where the road begins following a narrow ridge along the red canyons of Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bryce Canyon National Parks. Definitely beautiful.

4. Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

This stretches for 34.5 miles, and you will see the most scenic landscapes while driving along New Hampshire’s Route 112 in northern New Hampshire. Best fall foliage viewing opportunities are offered. Campton is also an interesting stop to the south of this road.

5. Beartooth Highway — Montana and Wyoming

The Beartooth Highway is one of the All-American Roads on a section of U.S. Route 212 in Montana, lying between Red Lodge and the Wyoming state line at Beartooth Pass, located near Yellowstone National Park. It has been called "the most beautiful drive in America," by Charles Kuralt, late CBS correspondent. And it totally is, if you have a chance, you need to visit once.

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