What To Do When Your Car Head Unit Won’t Turn off?


Sometimes your car head unit will continue working after you have turned your car off and removed the keys from the ignition. This issue can cause troubles for you in the long run, since keeping the head unit on the entire time will eventually kill your car battery.

If your car head unit won’t turn off once you turn the car off and remove the keys from the ignition, you have a potentially serious battery problem. There are many causes that can lead to this issue. Most of the time your car head unit won’t turn off due to faulty wiring, especially if you have installed an aftermarket radio.

The problem can also be caused by a faulty ignition switch. Some car manufacturers, however, may design the car electronics in such a way that the head unit won’t turn off for about 10 minutes after you have turned the car off. If your car is of such design, you need not worry. Check with the manufacturer to see if this is the issue.

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Problems Caused By Faulty Wiring

It is very easy to make a mess of the head unit wiring, especially if you install an aftermarket car stereo on your own. The wiring process is very complicated and it’s easy to make an error doing them. To understand the process of connecting a car stereo to the car’s battery you need to be aware of the following information.

  • There are two or three connections from the head unit to the positive end of the car battery. One of them is supposed to keep the memory alive every time you use it, and it is commonly referred to as “always on” function.
  • The second one is the power supply.

How to wire a head unit – car stereo – THE RIGHT WAY!

On many occasions people do these wrong. Connecting the “always on” wire to the power supply switch will cause the head unit to be constantly on and never switch off. Because it will be on the entire time, you run the risk of ending up with a dead car battery. In the worst case scenario, it can also completely fry your head unit.

If you ascertain that this is the cause of the head unit not turning off, you should take your car to the nearest shop to rewire your head unit.

Delayed Head Unit Turn Off

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Some manufacturers make their cars in such a way that the head unit stays on for a certain period of time after the keys are removed from the ignition or after the doors are closed. Usually the time period is question is around ten minutes.

In some cars it might be longer or shorter. This feature is present among cars manufactured in the last 10-15 years. If you haven’t installed an aftermarket stereo, you should check the manual and see if you have this feature in your car.

If you have ascertained that you have the delayed head unit turn off in your car and still have issues, you should consider taking the car to the shop, since this process hardly qualifies as a DIY project.

To be more precise, you can easily diagnose this issue by checking if all the necessary lights turn on or off every time you open or close your car door. If the lights don’t work properly, you may have a problem with the door switch.

Overall Electrical Issues

In some occasions, when the car head unit doesn’t turn off after you leave the car, you might be experiencing problems with the overall electronics of the car.

If you have exhausted all the aforementioned diagnosing procedures and determined that it’s none of them, you may need to take your car back to the shop and have professional car electricians troubleshoot your car electronics.

If such issues are found they can find the proper solution to fix it and take if off your head. Be aware, though, these kind of repairs can prove costly and severely damage your budget.

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