When Is The Best Time To Change Motorcycle Oil?


I’m sure plenty people who have a motorcycle care about maintaining it. But hardly anyone of them pays attention to the oil, which is a very crucial part.Recently, I have heard one of my friends talking about putting his beloved motorbike to the Service Center for two days just because it breaks down too many times on the road. The mechanic said the reason was that he was too lazy to change its oil in the right scheduled time.

And this is not the problem of my friend only. Tons of other riders are having the same issue and forgetting an imperative part: The oil.Therefore, in this article, I will tell you how often to change motorcycle oil and some vital information that you need to know. If you don’t want to end up like my friend and lose a thousand dollars, this article will worth your time.

The role of oil in maintaining your motorcycle

If you already have a motorbike or intend to buy one, you need to recognize how important it is to your vehicle.A motorcycle engine contains many different spare parts. And to make the vehicle run, they need to have contact with one another. However, over time, the contact will gradually reduce because it makes the parts less useful.

If you let the situation continues, it will create small debris inside of the engine and contaminate the entire system. Therefore, the oil is needed to cool down the engine and make this process smoother. It will also decrease the pieces of debris and clean the motor for you.

How often should you change your motorcycle oil?

So the most crucial question is how often you need to alter the oil for your bike?

My answer is that you should change it after your motorbike has reached to 3000-3700 miles. These are the average number, and they can vary in different types of engine or the duration of your ride. If you have an old driving force, you may need to change the oil more frequently than the modern ones.

Moreover, when you go for a long ride like a road trip, the time for the oil to be contaminated can be hastened; and therefore, you need to change it more often. It’s best to check it before going for such a long trip like that in case there is something wrong, such as the engine breaks down.

Besides, another vital component that has a direct effect on your motorcycle oil is the filter. If we think of the oil as the blood in our body, the filter is just like vessels. It will sift the oil equally to distinct parts of the engine and make the vehicle run a further distance.

Therefore, if you want your oil to optimize its function, the filter is also one thing that you need to change whenever you change the oil. Both of them will keep your motorcycle work well and have a higher durability.

The last thing if you want to maintain your vehicle well is to stick to the manufacturer’s manual and oil-changing schedule. When the time comes, just bring it to your Service Center and ask them to do the job for you. It’s easier, isn’t it?

Would it be harmful if I change it early?

I can tell you that it’s better if you change the oil soon. Nevertheless, you also have to prepare yourself because it would cost a fortune. Oil, as well as filter, is not so cheap that you want to buy whenever you want. Depending on the type of oil, it will take you from 90 to 100 dollars each of the changing time. So if you have lots of money, feel free to change it before the due date.

The most appropriate types of oil

There are three categories you need to distinguish:

 Mineral oil

Semi-synthetic oil

Fully synthetic oil:

So I guess you already know which type you can invest in. Semi-synthetic and fully synthetic oil are the best in the market. You can choose whichever type you want because it is dependent on your money.

If you love your motorcycle and want to give it the most outstanding things, fully synthetic oil is waiting for you.In case you want to change your oil without going to any Service Center, this video can help you do it yourself:


Have you noted everything down?

Fantastic! I hope that after this article, you will appreciate your motorcycle more and be aware of the importance of oil. Mark your calendar right now and do the changing task as scheduled.

Besides, if you like this article, you can share it with your friends and family. I’m sure they won’t have to waste so much money on fixing their motorcycles anymore. And if you have any questions or opinions, leave your comment down below. I would reply as soon as I can.

Regardless, thank you for reading my writing, and I hope to see you in the subsequent ones.


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