World Traveler Creates Adorable Instagram Account To Let His Mom Know He’s Okay

This guy has set up an account to upload photos Instagram, to let his mother know that he is always consistent


When your children grow up, you hope they will call and inform you that we are doing and where they’re coming. But as adults, most children have life; activities should own parents can not know all the activities of the children.

But this guy to notice and his mother knew everything he was doing. He has to create an account and upload photos Instagram, let his mother know that he is safe in the places where he has traveled all over the world.


Jonathan Quinonez is an accountant who from Belgium, 27 and a former model. He also is known more like a sweet guy behind the “Mom; I’m Fine” on Instagram social networks.

According to the magazine The LADBible, he has sold off some of his assets like a car, leaves to use the money to travel around the world.

His first destination was Cuba, but he soon discovered that a met a little trouble, he could not know how to communicate with his mother.


Because of the different time zones, and where he is traveling, he can not access some pages internet well as high prices of telephone contact, so he called to the family, friends. He told The LADBible, she always worried about me, but a very complex and difficult to contact the family.

So I decided to find a way to contact her so easily so that she knows that I stay healthy, and my trip was wonderful, the place I have come across.


Every day, he hamlet account to upload your instant photos with his face, with very cute symbols are the mother, baby fine. With about 25 photos that he had taken the places, he had wonderful experiences.

The photos that I’ve taken, they were great, but I’ll let my mom know that my effort, the difficulties and the wonderful experience that I went through in my journey. Upload photos to the places that I go through as are the sharing with everyone is the sweetest way to inform people in the family budget, I always stable.


When I was young, I have traveled many places, even in the first tide I’ve ever come across a short time. But perhaps as parents are always worried about me because I was their child, even though I grew and matured. Later I married, I will also like to make my parents now, always worried about my children even though they have matured, grown up like that no matter what.


We can not always grasp the hands of his children, but thanks to social networking sites that you can know what others are doing, is quick and convenient. Hopefully, the family love will always be warm though you have to go far, far from their parents’ arms. Now, I’m sorry if I cry when I think of my children will grow up, and they will travel where they want, without me to accompany them.

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