The World’s Best Racing Tracks: You may want to drive at these places for sure

Car racing, most of us are fond of watching the battle between the famous car racers who drives the best of the models of car manufacturers at different tracks all over the world. There are a lot of tracks that have been developed in recent years but not all are the best and the challenging one. You may want to check out the below list to know which are the best racing tracks in the world.

The car racers who love driving the car during a race should find a way to drive at these tracks before their retirement. The tracks are not just the ordinary racing tracks but these are the ones from where the heroes are born.

Mazda Raceway Laguna Sega

The race track was built in 1957, when it was observed that there is an increase in love and passion for beach races in people. The raceway consists of 11 turns in its entire track but the most well know and famous among them is the Corkscrew.

The Mazda Raceway Laguna Sega is located in the Northern California. Being in the areas where the weather is always perfect for the spectators as well as the racers. The track is one of the most challenging tracks till date.



The circuit which is famous for the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix, the race track is located in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil.   The always changing weather in the region along with the different elevations and decreasing radius at corners of the track make it the challenging track.


Watkins Glen International Raceway

The track is famous due to multiple reasons, one is being the fact that the circuit is surrounded by beautiful natural scenarios; it has the different sizes and styles of elevations, the challenging corners. It was the track for the Formula 1 US grand Prix between the years 1961 to 1980.


Silverstone Circuit

If you are looking to drive on this track then you need a lot of motivation as it is one of the fastest racing tracks and the track is also famous due to the fact that it has always been in Formula 1 schedules. Silverstone came into existence after the end of World War 2, due to the fact that there were no major racing tracks in Britain.


Suzuka Circuit

The track is owned by Honda and it is famous for the challenging corners and turns in it. There is always a party atmosphere here during each of the events. It is the Japan’s first racing track which was built in 1962 and it consists of all the amenities which were required to be among the list of world’s best racing tracks.



The Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is held at this track every year at one of the weekends in the month of May. It is the curvy circuit across the streets of Monaco.  Being a street circuit it is fun to drive and the most challenging one, and you can always expect street traffics as well.


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