The World’s Most Dangerous Road

It is located at highest places but has no railings. A road can be “swallowed up” any moment by waves. These trails are challenging drivers around the world.


Most roads go through mountains around the world had been built by the same way using the explosive material. But it’s not the same for Guoliang tunnel in China. In 1972, 13 residents in a village in Guoliang had to sell their livestock and donate them to raise fund to build a connecting road to the world.


They had not use firebox, explosive to break through the mountains but only used hammers, chisels to dig through it. It makes construction progress becomes slower and far more dangerous. The road’s length is only 1.2 km long, but it took five years to finish it. This road is so narrow for two different vehicles to move comfortably at the same time. Drivers have to pay a lot of attention and go slowly to avoid collisions or fall the cliff. Drivers need to proceed very slowly and accurately to avoid conclusions or fall off the cliff.


James Dalton (Alaska, USA) is one of the world’s most dangerous road. Besides, it’s  also the “loneliness” road when only three towns located along the road with 60 residents.


Heavy snow, strong wind, no fender, lack of warning sign and outside temperature hits -60oC occasionally are some challenges that no drive want to face.


Atlantic Road (Norway) is the only asphalted road on this list. However, this road has a lot of undergrounds danger that a strange driver could get into an accident easily.


In return, on a sunny day, this also the most beautiful road in the world.


Throughway goes through Himalaya mountain in South Asia, definitely not for people have heart disease.This way is considered the world’s most dangerous road. It makes visitors more heart-pounding when railings system is not in place.


Therefore, a vehicle can fall off at thousands of meters high is not surprising.


Living in Bolivia has never been easy. This country is not only small but also poorest in South America. Many streets here are top world’s rated in term of dangerous. But because of the onliest, people have to use this road every single day and gambling their life for their living.


The crucifixes which appear along the way are the most visible warnings about the danger of the road that every driver are facing. It’s named Yungas, but people usually call it “Deadly Street.” An estimation of 200 -300 people was killed each year on this road. That means 2 – 6 people/week.

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