Your Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Car Quickly and for the Best Price

Follow these steps so that your care sale is a smooth transaction. Communication is the biggest key, but you still have to do some work before getting to that point. There is always a buyer for the right sale when everything is done right. Car sale websites can simplify a lot of steps below, so visit if you want to skip straight to the meat of getting your money. For everyone else, the steps below are a short list of the requirements to guarantee a good sale.

Get All Of Your Paperwork Together

The car title and vehicle history report are mandatory before selling a car. Technically, you only need the car title, but getting a vehicle history report is proactive. It shows that you have nothing to hide and can boost confidence in potential buyers. This will also cut down on the most frequently asked questions about a car and speed up the sale. Vehicles that you still owe money on might not be eligible for selling, so check with your lender. There may be a clause in the contract that allows selling to a third party.

Be Realistic

The amount of money that you want and the amount you will get are two completely different things. Don’t go overboard with the pricing, as that sends the wrong message to buyers. A high initial price shows that you are not flexible at all, and maybe a complete pain to deal with. When buyers see an inordinately high price, they skip listings without even reading them. This is not the situation you want to be in when selling a car. A high price makes it hard to separate regular non-interested buyers from the ones that hate your high price.

What Is The Asking Price?

Once you get a general idea of what you should be selling the car for, how do you set the asking price? The value of your car is going to be slightly different than the regular going rate. Modifications, upgrades, dents, paint and many other things will either raise or lower the asking price. This matters since it is easy to undervalue your assets and get ripped off when deciding on the final value. Using common sense will help, so remove sentimental value from all decisions when running the numbers. If you end up having a car that is more than the Kelly blue book value suggests, you have to show buyers why. 

Clean It Up

No one wants to invest in a car that looks like it came from the junkyard. Get your car detailed before taking pictures or videos. You want buyers to see the car in its best form, even if it is used. The better it looks, the more likely they will be interested in buying. Nothing is more unappealing than a dirty car with a lot of miles on it. And if you’re selling a car that looks average, keep in mind there are millions of other choices that look a lot better. Buyers will form their own opinions that may be unfair to you as a seller. Don’t feed into those illusions by showing them a side of your car that doesn’t represent how you actually treated it.

Take Pictures And Videos That Sell

An unflattering picture is a lost sale. Videos that don’t highlight the most important angles of the car are a waste of time. That’s two things to remember when providing media for a car sale. Buyers don’t need an overproduced music video to decide whether a car is good for them. Keep it simple, and don’t hide imperfections. In fact, it is a good idea to get close-ups of anything that would detract from the value of the car. Once you start hiding problems with the vehicle, you go down a dangerous path of deceiving the buyer.

Do You Have Experience In Marketing?

Even if you don’t, it is not required to make a good impression. When you market a car, the description, media and asking price does all of the talking. A good price gets them interested in reading the description or looking at the media. If there are any inconsistencies in the media and description, then your ad is already a failure. That is why you don’t want to hide imperfections with the media or be vague with the description. Lay the stuff that matters out in the description and skips any salesmen fluff. After that, ensure that the media doesn’t contradict what you put in the description. This is all the marketing you need to ensure that buyers are interested in purchasing your car. 

Some Deals Are Too Good To Be True

Every now and then you will get someone that tries to scam you. Websites that deal with selling cars offer some protection, but it is still up to you to not fall for a trap. Buyers that want to pay you with a cashier check or have odd requirements for the sale should be looked at closely. The sale is important, but you don’t want to get ripped off. It is a good idea to steer clear of buyers that have unfair demands since they can pull out at any time before the close of the deal. Wasted time can be a damaging thing when trying to sell a car.

The Test Drive Will Reveal All Half-Truths

The test drive is where it all comes together. You’ve found a buyer that was interested in the car, and at this point, they are one step closer to giving you money. That can all fall apart if you’ve been dishonest in any way with the listing. Half truths are still lying, and so is not revealing problems you didn’t think needed mentioning. The test drive will be an uncomfortable experience for sellers that aren’t forthcoming about all of the car’s flaws. Getting that close to a sale and having to explain problems with the car will erode the confidence of all potential buyers.

Don’t Become Stubborn On The Close

You got what you asked for, and the buyer is ready to make the purchase. This is a victory, but there are some sellers that consider it a time to open negotiations. Honor your asking price and whatever verbal contract you have with the buyer. Don’t stall for time to see if another potential buyer will offer a higher price. Your original asking price prevents the seller’s remorse from selling at a price considered too low. Once you stop a sale to ask for more, you lose all goodwill built up. The buyer will either back out, or be less likely to trust you at your word again.

If You Fail Once, Try Again

When your car doesn’t sell for the asking price, that doesn’t mean there was anything wrong with your listing. You don’t have to make drastic changes to the formula after the original ad fails. Instead of tweaking a formula that was already working, add more media while leaving the description intact. There can never be too many pictures or videos added to a listing. Buyers love looking through them, and it is a big influence on car sales. The only time you need to make tweaks to a car listing is for mistakes, or if the original listing was not up to standard.

The Market Will Not Always Agree With You

Try not to spend too much time explaining why your car is priced a certain way. Stay away from arguments with potential buyers about the price of your listing. If you did the math and everything is fair, then your price is your price. You can come up with facts that estimate a high value while someone else can get a much lower monetary value. The market is never 100% accurate, which is why the same exact car can sell for completely different prices. Sellers that are being realistic about their asking price never have to second guess the value of their car.

There Are Plenty Of Cars For Sale

Take your time making a listing. Getting it right the first time is more important for maximizing buyer interest. There are countless amounts of ads listing cars for sale at varying prices. You have to find a way to make yours appealing, even when the competition is fierce. Instead of comparing what you have to other sellers, concentrate on what makes your car the best in its price range. Eventually, someone will appreciate your hard work and try to make contact.

Wrap Up

Stay away from scams, and more importantly use common sense when selling a car. Don’t get desperate and undersell your car. At the same time, try not to scare away buyers with a ridiculous oversell. The power to get the most out of a sale is in your hands. Use the information provided and you’ll always be a step ahead of everyone else.

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